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Jan 4, 2012

Dyrus Jungles Singed - Runes/Masteries/Route Guide

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Ahh..this new jungle makes everything a breeze!

With the changes to the Red Lizard golem along with the obvious new jungle changes, jungle Singed is now a viable option. Dyrus started it off, and it's slowly catching on. Singed has an extremely easy time farming jungle (and everywhere else) and his rune page can be extremely versatile for jungling.

This mastery page appears to be the one Dyrus uses, but I think as long as you have 21 in defense you can tweak it a bit.

As for runes: I think any classical Singed runes will work. As long as you have magic penetration reds, any other combination of yellows/blues/quints will work. I even tried health yellows, movespeed quints, and mag resist blues and could still jungle without a leash in a custom game.

Starting Items: Cloth armor + 5 pots seems like the way to go. I thought maybe boots and pots would be a viable starting set, but Red buff gets your pretty darn low without the cloth armor and pots.

Summoners: Ghost + Smite

Item Build: His build varies a little. Dyrus personally runs Will of the Ancients followed by a Rylais, but I've seen TheOddOne use his Philosopher Stone + Heart of Gold rush build fairly successfully as well. Generally you won't want to build Rod of Ages on him though, since you'll want to maximize his utility. 

Skill Build: Max Poison, then max either W or E, whatever you prefer (most likely W for the utility)

Route: Starting at wolves then blue, just like almost every other jungler and then work your way around.

Special (possibly not known) facts:
  • Lizard buff procs on his Toss
  • Smite procs spellvamp

My Analysis: Singed is definitely a very strong and simple jungler. His ganks are also very classical Singed ganks. He doesn't lose much farm from not being in lane, and he appears to be a very safe jungler as well. He also fills the role of traditional AP junglers like Maokai, being a tanky intiator, and thus I think any team would do well with a Singed in their jungle.

I think Dyrus' build synergizes very well Singed's playstyle, and I don't think rushing Gold items is necessary since he farms like a beast. I don't believe the cloth armor is wasted, since you can build it into an Aegis later on and free up the Support to use their gold on something else.

Video by Dyrus:

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