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Dec 16, 2011

Unreleased Snowstrike Kennen, Sandstorm Katarina, Dark Crusader Mordekaiser Skins?

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Just doing a little sneaking around...

Edit: Snowstrike Kennen, Sandstorm Katarina, and a New Veigar Skin Can be found here!

Apparently there are some unreleased skins in the League of Legends game files that the forum goers found. To save you countless hours of browsing the forums though, I've found it myself and brought it here in case any of you missed it! There are also a bunch of other unreleased items in addition to Viktor, who I previously made a post about. 

Notably, there Snowstrike Kennen, Sandstorm Katarina, Dark Crusader Mordekaiser, and the new item Doran's Scroll (Massive Ryze-oriented item?!) are hidden goodies. There are no image previews yet, just a few lines of text that say they exist.

I've also personally gone through the game files and verified that indeed, all of these items do exist in the client! When the skin images come out next patch you know I'll be the first one on the scene~ *queue theme music* 
Browsing through the game files following the following route:
Riot Games\League of Legends\RADS\projects\lol_game_client_en_us\manage dfiles\\DATA\Menu

Aside from Viktor, the leaked champ, new items I came across which you can find for yourself in the following order:

Doran's Scroll (100+ HP, 100+ Mana, 8% Spell Vamp

Warwick's Firebomb (Active: Sets a target area on fire, dealing up to 50 damage to targets in the area over 10 seconds. 1 minute cooldown, grants 3 HP5)

Lux's Prism (Active: Briefly tags a target area with light. Any stealthed champions caught in the area are revealed for 8 seconds. 1 minute cooldown. 1.5 Mp5)

Krigger's Barrier (Adds a 1k HP spell shield)
Abpon's Paper Fan (Active is an indefinate stun)
Katsudion's Glue Gun (Active is an indefinate 50% slow)
Tosajiro's Funny Mask (Active is an indefinate snare)
(I believe the above 4 items may be for testing purposes only)

Runegorger (50 AD, 40 MR, 16% Life Steal. UNIQUE Passive: You gain 1 Attack Damage and 1 Magic Resistance for each 16 magic damage you take, stacking up to 50 Attack Damage and 50 Magic Resistance. Lasts 8 seconds.) Looks like it will be made from a Hexdrinker and a Vamp Scepter.

Hextech Souldrainer (50 AP, 250 Mana, UNIQUE Passive: For every 2.5% of missing health you gain 1% Spell Vamp.)

Augment: Power (For Viktor) (Power Transfer increases Viktor's Movement Speed by 30% for 3 seconds, 3AP/Level, 220 HP, 6HP5)
Augment: Gravity (For Viktor) (Gravity Field has an additional 30% cast range. 3AP/Level, 200 mana, 10cdr, 5Mp5)
Augment: Death (For Viktor) (Death Ray sets fire to enemies, dealing 30% additional magic damage over 4 seconds, 45AP, 3AP/Level)
The Hex Core (For Viktor) (This item can be upgraded into one of three augments that enhance Viktor's basic abilities. Click the item in the store to discover its upgrades, 3AP/Level)

I also believe it's safe to say from this that Viktor is going to be a new AP carry.

Edit: Found new runes labelled as Elusion. They provide dodge per level, not sure why this is in the files with the impending removal of dodge.
Credit to PWade3 for finding the Sandstorm Katarina Skin and the Dark Crusader Mordekaiser Skin.
Also found Snowstrike
 Kennen, I believe there are a few christmas skins not announced but added and of which already appear in game despite not being available.

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  1. Oh wow, I stalk the forums constantly and didn't even see this, nice find!


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