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Dec 3, 2011

Shaco Double Buff at level 2 + Countering

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How many times is this guy going to post about me?

Not sure how many of you already know about this Shaco Jungling strategy, but I'd like to not only share it with you now, but also teach you guys how to counter it. Why? Well you might have noticed that I placed Shaco as #1 in the Solo Queue Tier List for two patches in a row. I still stand by the belief that Shaco is the strongest solo queue aka pubstomping hero in the game...unless countered. Therefore, if you want any chance of winning against a Shaco, you HAVE to counter him.

Level 2 with both buffs on Shaco

Note: In order to roll the 4 box combo you need some AP runes. However, if you want to run regular AD Shaco runes, 5 boxes will kill red, but will leave a small minion up. Ideally if you're dropping 5 boxes down and running to blue without personally killing the red camp, then you'll want to do your opponent's camp. To kill red, place the boxes all the way in back of the red spawn (where lizard pops up) or your boxes will attack the small lizards and you'll fail.

Ideal Shaco Runes: Attack Damage Quints + Reds, Attack Speed or Armor yellows, Flat cooldown blues.
Masteries: 21/9/0 or 21/0/9 are both viable.

Countering Shaco's Boxes
Countering Shaco's boxes is very easy. Unfourtunately, it's not as easy as it was before his buff where you could drop a Maokai bomb or a Morgana puddle and instantly pop all the boxes. You'll have to actually walk up to the boxes. Once they trigger, they'll be popped.

If you notice from this video, Shaco actually starts at the opponent's red. However, your allies can easily get to your own red before Shaco does, and should be able to see him coming up to put boxes or running after he places boxes while still hiding safely in a bush.

Shacos who aren't using this strategy either start at their own blue or red, which is safer. The best way to counter a Shaco is to CV them at base to check which way he's going, and then head straight to the enemy red to pop his boxes. The reason you go to red before blue is that a Shaco starting at Red lizard is going to have much stronger early game ganks than a Shaco starting at Blue Golem.

If he doesn't have boxes at red, then it's time to head over to your own red and do a quick check, and then head down to their Blue to gank and hopefully pop his boxes before he pops your team in the butt.

Be sure to CV their blue area before heading into the bushes though, or your team might be baited into a nasty surprise. Generally it'll be easy win since Shaco will be useless at level 1 unless your entire team gets feared at the same time. This means that you'll be fighting the level 1 teamfight as a 5v4 battle.

Best of luck against this clown!

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