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Dec 12, 2011

Season Two Week 3 Champion Rotation

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It's clobberin' time!

Riot's week 3 champion rotation has just been released! A fairly boring week, but as always after a new hero is released, Volibear is free!

Below are the rest of the heroes:

Amumu - Your basic jungling tank, he's got an AOE snare. While strong at lower ELOs, he's easily countered by good positioning and heroes like Janna. Hot Tip: When you're snared by Amumu's ult you can still cast your spells, but you can't move or autoattack.
Anivia - 3150 AP spellcaster, she's got a unique spell that can block off both allied and enemy units from passing through. Her ultimate is very strong, but you'll need to keep up blue buff from the golem to use it effectively.
Ashe - Basic 450 IP AD ranged carry. She has an AOE nuke and a global skillshot that stuns the first hero it hits and applies a slow in an AOE. However, despite her strong kiting and initiating abilities, she has no escape mechanisms.
Malphite - Tanky DPS/pure tank with good base armor. He has an initiation that does a relatively small AOE knockup.
Poppy - Fallen out of favor, she's one of the strongest duelists in the game. She has poor farming abilities, but her ultimate allows her to pick one target, and for several seconds only that one target can deal any damage to her, making her immune to all other heroes, spells, and even turrets for the duration.
Sivir - 450 IP AD carry, recently buffed.
Sona - 3150 IP support hero, very easy to play, requires very little in the way of targeting. Most of her skills just have AOE effects around you. She also has an AOE stun, but this requires targeting.
Veigar - 1350 IP AP carry. He has an inconsistent stun and poor farming abilities, but his end-game is one of the strongest.
Volibear - New 6300 IP hero released last week. Tanky DPS with a fling and an aoe fear.
Wukong - 6300 IP melee bruiser. He has an AOE CC, but he has to walk into each hero seperately.

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