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Dec 25, 2011

Short Review on Ahri + Merry Christmas!

'Tis the Season for Dancing!

Good Morning Summoners and Merry Christmas! It's a busy time around the SSJSuntastic household and apparently around Riot too, so there's not much news going on. I have however bought Ahri after playing against a really good one! Just been doing some 1v1 customs to get the hang of her first, and here are my initial thoughts (I'll do a more in-depth guide when things aren't so hectic):

Ratings: Lowest 1 to 5 Highest
  • Ease to Play: 2 - Definitely VERY skillshot oriented (me likey), also a very obvious statement since...well almost all her skills are skillshots.
    • What I mean is that there's a HUGE gap between playing her at an average level and playing her at her top level
  • Power Level: 4 - She's definitely very strong early~mid-game, but falls off late game if she's not already fed, since in teamfights it's harder than most heroes to maximize her AOE damage.
  • Build: - Xpecial's Rylai + Will of the Ancients rush and later deathcap + void staff seems to be the most effective build, although I've seen Rod of Ages + Deathcap being fairly successful too.
  • Spamability: 4 - Her cooldowns are ridiculously low. IF you can hit with them every time they're up, it's some outrageous damage.
  • Single Target CC: 4 - Charm's effectiveness is crazy. If you get hit and Ahri unleashes her full combo on you, you'll probably die at level 6 with ignite + one or two auto attacks.
  • Fun Factor: 5 - She's extremely rewarding to play, and surviving ganks with your ult/getting 100 to 0 kills by landing all your skillshots is very satisfying.
  • Model: 5 - Ahri's definitely got one of the coolest models in the game. My favorite part is definitely how her tails all come out when she's standing still and fold up when she runs.
Conclusion: This is definitely one of those champs that you need to practice with, but once people start getting the hang of her, she'll definitely be at the same level as pre-nerf Lee Sin. Since Riot already nerfed her pre-release, I'm pretty sure her original kit had a charm that went through creeps and scaling that instantly fried any hero 1v1 and then Akali! :)

In addition, I'd like to add to the holiday spirit with this unrelated video! Merry Christmas!

Comments on Ahri or just want to say Merry Christmas! Post your comment below!

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  1. Merry Christmas dude! Keep up the awesome blogging!

  2. Ahri's definitely one of the coolest cats in the League now. Bought her on release day haha. Merry Christmas!

  3. I haven't seen any good Ahris yet, but that might be my elo. I'll believe you when you say they get better :P


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