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Dec 18, 2011

Havoc VS Vampirism (Lifesteal) Masteries for AD Carries

How shall I maximize my damage?

With the new masteries released for a relatively short amount of time, maximizing the efficiency of the masteries is an ever-challenging task. While a mastery point should not make or break a hero, I think it's worthwhile to also look deep to see which ones should be prioritized over others.

Here's what I currently use:

As you can see, I go 21/9/0 since the armor and health is very helpful early in bot lane since you'll almost always be facing off against another AD carry. Some people like to run 21/0/9 for the mana masteries, but personally I prefer running with a Soraka support so I don't have to deal with that.

Some other people ask why bother with the other trees at all and dump all 30 points into offense, making you the ultimate glass cannon. While this is a plausible strategy, it also depletes your margin for error. 

Thus, we're pretty much forced to choose between Havoc (1.5% increased damage) and Vampirism (3% lifesteal)

Both of these skills are relatively low in value, and both scale off the same thing, (ie. how much damage you're doing.) 

- As an AD carry you should deal more damage
- Returns half the amount compared to Vampirism
- Level 1 worth less than 1 damage
- 1000 damage attacks makes this worth 15 damage each shot, equal to a doran blade and a half.

- As an AD carry you need to stay alive
- Same amount of lifesteal as a Doran's Blade
- Double the amount returned compared to Havoc
- Gives you early game sustain in lane

Conclusion: Vampirism is worth more overall. Since both these masteries are worth relatively little in terms of your overall gameplay, it's not worth losing sleep over. However, Vampirism at early levels will give you the same amount of sustain as a Doran's Blade, while Havoc will only return you a point or two of damage at most.

Even late game, Havoc will not provide you nearly as much power as Vampirism. While once in a while you might wish you dealt 10 or 20 more damage to a hero as they escape, you might also wish you had 10 more health so you could get off another 1000 damage crit before you died. I believe the second scenario is more likely, and also much more rewarding.

TLDR; Get Vampirism over Havoc.

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  1. Thanks, I was always wondering about those two stats. I tend to get Havoc almost all the time. However, the way I build most of my AD carries will be full physical damage runes and an early Doran's to BF. This could also be because I build almost straight AP and MR on my AP carries.

    Now, you said you had Soraka. Why not grab the 1.5% damage to get that extra 1.41 damage on most AD carries(since most will start with 94 damage if spec/dmg right). 1.41 damage may not seem like a lot but I feel most of the time lower level fights depend a lot on who can kill their target first and not if the person still alive can clean it up.

    You have a Soraka support, and already 3% from Doran's or boots3. Why not take that extra 1.41 damage @ lvl 1? You can burn through that shield slightly faster, and even not have to worry about the other team's lifesteal.

    Also, the extra damage over-time will help with last hitting. I feel lane sustain will come over your support's experience and skill than you ability to take an extra 3% life. Granted it is based completely off the support you get. With a Janna I will grab the 3% over 1.5% damage every time.

    Anyways, thanks. But I feel it is very situational on who you are laning with, and against. I feel with the Soraka/Sona and even Taric top picks Havoc will be better. However a Janna or Lux will be lifesteal. In cases of Leona or Alistar or other random supports I feel getting as much damage off is MUCH more important than 3% lifesteal on last hits, and some lane harass.

  2. For AP Carries I'd certainly go for Havoc, since the lifesteal won't be aiding you much. I believe even the minion damage bonus would be better than lifesteal in this case.

    I see your point with Soraka though, if you already have such a high sustain in lane, that little bit of lifesteal won't amount to much in a gank, whereas the damage from Havoc might.

    I think the main issue here is that in the end Havoc gives you 1.5% worth of stats back, whereas Vampirism gives you a 3% return.

    On a point-by-point basis, Vampirism will give you a slightly better return. However, neither of them are going to make or break the bank, so it'll come down to playstyle.

  3. Thanks for the comment :)

  4. No problem, love the blog. And you're completely right, but then again if it was 3% damage on Havoc I feel it would be taken over 3% lifesteal in almost every situation.

  5. Thanks for reading! Also very true, if it was 3% damage I'd absolutely take it over the lifesteal :)

  6. Ok I was writing a long speech about how bad havoc was but then hit the back button so here is a VERY quick summery.

    1. Sivir (higher base AD) with full ad runes and masteries only has 80 ad lvl 1. Meaning 90 with doran blade. = +1.35 from havoc.

    i. versing heroes - with mitigation you do about 55-65 damage. they do about the same because they probably run armor seals and apen marks which means they do true damage to you and you don't do true damage to them.

    Conclusion. AD runes only good for last hitting creeps.


    2. End game havoc is still shit.

    i.30 min into game ad carry has around 200 ad (1 end game ad item 2 tops) that is 3 extra damage from havoc.

    ii. Brutal force gives 3 ad at lvl 1 for 3 mastery points. It takes about 20-30 minutes for a tier 3 mastery to become even with tier 1 mastery... SUCH SHIT!.

    iii. Late late game. At most ad's will have around 300-400 ad. That is roughly 4.5 - 6 extra damage...


    3. Consider you main goal is to have real easy time farming as the conclusion of point 1.

    i. 3 mastery points for 1 damage at lvl 1 (with full AD runes page).

    ii. 2 mastery points into butcher = 4 damage at lvl 1...

    iii. 1 mastery point into demolishionist = 10 damage to towers at lvl 1!!!

    4. Havoc = shit mastery. Do not ever get. Not worth it in any situation. If you use havoc I will personally call you a newb all day everyday. And even after you change your tactics *cough* SSJSuntastic *cough* I will remind you of how much of a newb you once were.

  7. P.S. This is why Vampirism > Havoc. Because HAVOC SUCKS PERIOD.


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