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Dec 17, 2011

Cannot Connect to Chat/"logging into chat service" Bug

Not sure how many people have had this problem in the past, I know I have on several occasions where I just waited it out. Basically you get the "Logging into Chat" message at the bottom of the screen and it's real annoying since you can solo queue but can't talk or invite people to games.

Usually you have one account that works fine, but none of your other accounts will work on your computer. I just tried out this method and it worked for me! I have no idea why, and it might not work for you, but it's worth a try.

1. Close your client
2. Change the date on your computer to at least a day ahead
3. Log back in
4. Change the date back to the correct date

- Azuredragon653 from the official forums

If it worked/didn't work, please comment below!

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  1. omg can't believe that worked for me, w/e thanks!

  2. Thanks man! Just what I needed, glad I didn't reinstall LoL :P

  3. Been looking for a fix to this forever, Google finally came through!

  4. tried this fix, and for some reason my launcher started to patch...

  5. There are a few hotfixes going on today, that's why it's patching lol

  6. That's not it, he definitely went forward into time into the FUTURE where there is a patch! ZOMG TIME HAX

  7. No idea how this can possibly work, it sounds like the freaking Mew glitches from Pokemon, but SOMEHOW...SOMEHOW IT WORKS <33333

  8. Bloody Hell It Worked! Thanks Man!

  9. didnt work for me :(

  10. Sorry to hear that it didn't work for you :( If you find another method that worked feel free to post it here! :)

  11. Didnt work for me....

    I just close client and trying log again and again and again and... done.

  12. PussySlayerMLGMay 17, 2015

    fk u i hope u die 1 day and be bronze polska kid


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