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Nov 26, 2011

What's a Tier 3 Champion - Referral Program Rewards

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If you've ever looked at the referral rewards, you'll notice that the reward for 10 referrals is a Tier 3 Champion. What exactly comprises of a Tier 3 champion? I was a little confused about it at first as well, so I figured I'd clear things up. It's simply any champion that costs 975 RP to purchase, and you get to choose which one you want.

It has now come to that glorious time when League of Legends players the world over shall band together and tell all of their friends to come join them in combat on the Field of Justice! And why, you ask? Because we're going to give you free stuff for doing so! 

As we all know, League of Legends is more fun when you play it with your friends. And so, to encourage you to help your friends broaden their horizons, we're going to give you rewards for getting them to sign up. Every time someone that you have referred reaches summoner level 5, you’ll be eligible for a reward. This reward can be anything from an IP boost, to a unique champion skin, to a free trip out to the Riot Office in sunny California to help design a champion.

Here’s how it works: every friend that reaches level 5 will net you a 4 win IP boost that you can redeem whenever you want. In addition, every time you reach one of the following reward tiers, you will receive a unique reward.
  • 10 - Tier 3 Champion
  • 25 - Forum Title – “Recruiter”
  • 50 - Grey Warwick Champion Skin
  • 100 - The League of Legends Digital Collector’s Pack
  • 150 - Forum Title – “Senior Recruiter”
  • 200 - 10,000 Riot Points
  • 250 - Forum Title – “Master Recruiter”
  • 350 - Ultra-rare champion skin – Champion will be selected by the first player to reach this tier*
  • 500 - Get your name added to the “Wall of Fame” in the Riot Office
  • 1,000 - A content element will be named after your summoner
  • 5,000 - All current and future content permanently unlocked
  • 10,000 - All expenses paid trip to visit Riot Games and develop a champion with the Riot Design Team

So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and spread the word! You know that you all want to help design a champion with the League of Legends team. 10,000 friend referrals is child’s play for a well connected socialite such as yourself! Either that, or at least get 5 buddies to come help you earn a free IP boost!

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