Nov 20, 2011

MLG Finals

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I hope everyone's enjoying watching the MLG finals right now, all the games so far have been super epic, and  speaking of epic, Epik is now playing TSM.

Personally I'll be rooting for TSM since I just love watching their streams, and everyone on their team is ridiculously good.

Key Things from this tournament:
  • TheOddOne is playing a ridiculously sick Maokai, which is super effective against the AOE compositions, and also has some hardcore ganks.
  • Chaox has some of the best positioning on an AD carry I've ever seen
  • Reginald's real solid in his AP carries
  • Need to stop the Yorick/Zilean/Vayne combo. 3 Vaynes is autowin
  • Ezreal's getting a lot of play in these tournaments 
  • Double Shurelia's is getting really common on all the teams.
  • Alistar hardcounters Kennen...HARD

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