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Nov 26, 2011

Massive Upcoming Sivir Buffs/Changes

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As you all know, not only is Sivir getting some changes next patch, she's also got her Spectacular Sivir Skin on sale in the Riot store.  So what's in store for our least played AD carry? 

Statikk the Q&A Analyst had the following to say on Sivir:
Hey guys,
I see people have a lot of concerns with the upcoming changes to Sivir, so I wanted to show you guys some of our choices and the reasoning behind those choices.
Sivir's identity, in my opinion, is extreme combat mobility and strong AoE / pushing power. We wanted to make sure that this stayed at the forefront. At the same time, Sivir's current state on Live is one of extreme situational power. One of the goals was to move her towards being more universally viable rather than only strong in a handful of situations.
Sivir's attack range is increased to 500 from 425. This is slightly under the average AD carry (550 range) in order to account for some of the unique tools Sivir has such as her high mobility and her Spell Shield. This allows us to maintain her unique high risk/reward range gameplay while also allowing her to fill the common role of the AD carry. Additionally, we were forced to slightly nerf the amount of free stats Sivir currently gets on Live for being at such a range disadvantage. We also did other various quality of life changes such as updating her attack frame to be faster / snappier.
Sivir's new passive grants her 50 Movement Speed for 2 seconds after landing a basic attack on an enemy champion. The main fun players found in Sivir's old passive was that "Attack-Moving" (constantly moving in between basic attacks) was an optimal play for Sivir especially combined with Nimbleness. This new passive allows Sivir to be very mobile in combat and allows her to both kite and chase down enemies as long as she continuously weaves in basic attacks.
Sivir's Boomerang Blade now deals physical damage, but no longer has an ability power ratio. This allows Sivir to build her masteries, runes, and items in a much more optimal way that will actually synergize. The amount of damage a perfect Boomerang Blade can deal especially at early levels now is quite scary if Sivir focuses on early Armor Penetration and Attack Damage.
Sivir's Ricochet is now an on-next-hit effect that bounces to 5 additional targets even at rank 1 and still has some damage drop off. We gave the spell some base damage and it has a base cooldown of 3 seconds at max rank. We wanted to maintain the feel of Sivir blades bouncing everywhere while also meeting some other goals such as adding user activity to the kit, increasing her single target damage, and reducing her team fight AoE potential. The damage increase this spell gives is very deceptive because of the fact that it resets her basic attack timer. In combination with Boomerang Blade, Sivir can still clear waves extremely quickly and maintains the pushing power she is feared for. The main limiter to her pushing is not her damage output, but actually mana management. This is true on Live and continues to be true in her remake.
Hopefully this gives you guys a little more insight into the upcoming changes for Sivir, and I look forward to you guys trying her out and sending us back feedback on what next steps we should take for her.
This just made me want to buy the new Sivir skin. This is huge news and if Riot doesn't realize what a freaking broken OP champion they just made they'll find out when the next patch goes live. The fact that Sivir was just given a nuke that scales off AD coupled with her spellshield that was already OP coupled with her new passive is going to make her a ridiculous combatant at all levels. The only question is if the AD carry meta will stand with the new jungling changes.

With her spellshield she can easily negate Taric stuns, Tristana jumps, Cait's nuke, and even Sona's Ulti if she's fast enough. This combined with her new range is going to the ability to farm super safely as well.

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