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Nov 28, 2011

Massive Downvoting on Volibear Patch Preview

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EDIT: Patch notes were finally released! Look at them HERE :)

As you all know, Riot announced its Volibear Patch Preview 3 days ago and hasn't put up any new announcements since. Sure, it was over Thanksgiving break...but what's the real reason?

They're most likely working on further gameplay changes as a result of MASSIVE downvoting. As of today, the announcement stands at a shocking -1160 downvotes. Being a player-based community, Riot's really going to have no choice but to either drop the patch all together, release a new version of it, or deal with the fall-out that ensues.

To me, I really don't think that the changes would be completely unwelcome. They would make a fresh change in the meta-game to be sure, and this might be a little too soon after the new masteries release. On the other hand, doesn't everyone complain when a game gets too stagnant and repetitive?

Maybe a huge turning inside-out is what this game needs. On the other hand, most veterans seem to prefer that games don't toss everything they know out the window and make it kiddie mode.

Stay tuned to see Riot's response to all this.

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  1. I don't think I've ever seen an announcement downvoted, much less over 1000 lol


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