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Nov 22, 2011

Free Champion Rotation PreSeason 2 Week 10 - Miniguide

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Vampire hunting time!

Good morning summoners, my first morning post in a while, since...I'm usually not awake this early. Anyway, sorry I haven't been updating these champion rotations for a while, since I've been too busy playing ranked! Anyway, let's go over this week's champions:

Annie - Strong burst caster, deathcap + general ap items work well on her.

Ashe - AD Carry, you should all know how she plays by now. Bloodthirster, Zeal, Infinity Edge

Cho'Gath - Super tanky DPS, good AOE/sustain in top lane. Can lane mid too, and deals mostly spell damage.

Katarina - Versatile caster, but shut down easily by CC since her ult is very dependent on staying untouched. Rylai and deathcap are ideal on her.

Orianna - Used to be the strongest spellcaster, she's fallen out of favor with several nerfs. Fun with balls, 4800 hero.

Rammus - Recent buffs + new mastery trees make him a super strong jungler/ganker. He's very good against ad heavy  teams.

Renekton - Tanky top solo DPS, doesn't use mana. Mostly AOE damage and has a short blink. His ult is a steroid that makes him tanky like nasus, but it's not quite as good.

Skarner - Very powerful jungler/top laner. With red he chases forever with permaslow. 6300 IP

Soraka - Support healer. Very easy. Can also solo with Rylai/Abyssal Scepter/Deathcap

Vayne - Possibly the strongest ad carry right now. She deals percentage based true damage and builds AD/AS. 6300 IP

Overally, pretty boring week, I don't own Rammus or Vayne yet though, so I'll be mostly playing those two this week. Skarner's not really my style, but plan on seeing lots of him.

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