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Nov 25, 2011

Best Heroes to Carry Out of Ranked ELO HELL - v.2.0

Why is the Chinese art so much cooler?

Version 2.1 is Live~

Welcome back summoners, to the new edition of How to Carry Out of ELO Hell. Defining ELO Hell as a spot where you know how to win and have the skills to execute it, but for some reason can't, let's take a look at the remedies to your situation.

In Version 1.0 I mentioned Brand, Annie, Orianna, Lee Sin, Nocturne, and Amumu as the top choices for getting out of ELO hell. These heroes are still perfectly viable, even though Orianna has suffered lately as a result of her nerfs. But with the changing days, different heroes are now more powerful picks for getting out of ELO hell. Let's review!

AP carries mid and junglers still have the greatest impact on the game, and will almost definitely be your ticket to getting out of ELO hell the fastest way possible.


Morgana: Morgana is one of the easiest champions to farm safely with early game, since her pool gives her health back as a result of her passive, and at level 5 can easily clear an entire wave by dropping it once. This pushes your opponent back to their tower, denying them farm. Her black shield makes it almost impossible to gank her, and her ultimate is a massive teamfight changer. With the ease of play combined with her influence on teamfights late game, I'd say Morg is probably the easiest way of getting out of ELO hell, hence why she's almost always banned.

Kassadin: In terms of risk to reward ratio, if Morgana is banned then Kassadin is one of the most viable picks in solo queue. Just by using his null sphere, he can dish out enough safe damage to harass almost any AP carry back to their base without fearing retaliation. Late game Kassadin with blue is also the safest AP carry to play with his low CD blink. The only counter to Kassadin is having a high push hero like Heimerdinger, Malzahar, or Morgana, and even so Kassadin has a pretty easy time last-hitting at his tower. In addition, if they happen to be heavy pushing, they make easy pickings for the jungler unless they're playing smart.

Sion: While easily countered late-game, Sion has one of the easiest farming abilities in the game. His shield allows him to quickly clear waves, and his stun is a 100% hit with relatively low cooldown. For a more in-depth guide on Sion, look here


Shaco: Little surprise here if you've been keeping up with my blog. Extreme ganks and superior objectives control, Shaco's definitely got everything a jungler could ask for save for some tankiness, which you could actually build on him if you wanted.

Fiddlesticks: Massive AOE can change a losing game to a winning game. This coupled with his fast dragons and double CC ability makes him a true terror in any game.

Rammus: With the new masteries he's reached a new level of power. His ganking potential and counter-jungling speed make him a very very strong pick/ganker now, and his learning curve is probably the fastest of these three junglers.

Hopefully these tips will help you escape the place you know as ELO hell. Best of luck on the fields of justice summoners!

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  1. no one will let you play as morgana,kassadin or fiddle.

    always banned.

  2. I never see fiddle banned, I think tryndamere is real good for carrying out of elo hell though, kill everyone and never die lol

  3. I think you should make a guide on champions that can carry you out that are barely ever banned, nowadays everyone knows about these champs and ban them almost every game :(

  4. Good point, I'll work on one later this week

  5. if u play against a trynd u just buy a thornmail, and then that problem is over


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