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Oct 10, 2011

Solo Que List Updated + Thoughts on Xerath

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How strong am I really...

The Solo Que Tier List has been updated.
Click here if you're looking for the Tier list!

Thoughts on Xerath:

He's definitely a very strong champion, and as the meta evolves we'll probably start getting a better idea of his capabilities. I think his main strength lies in the fact that he can burst down heroes from behind ledges due to the ridiculous range of his ulti, but he definitely also needs support up close and personal with the enemy target since he can't *quite* cheese heroes from 100 to 0 unless he's very farmed and/or fed.

His passive armor boost isn't quite as game-changing as it seems, since it scales with AP and thus won't be that effective early game in a duo lane against heroes like Cait, who stack enough Arpen to make his extra armor negligible.

In a teamfight he should definitely be targeted down first since he's not as bursty as other heroes like Annie or Brand, which might be a disadvantage for him. If you're playing him, you'll definitely want to be even sneakier than normal casters, even though he has decent poke with his spellcasting range.

At the moment it seems like standard caster items on him are ideal, e.g. doran rings, deathcaps, RoA, Rylai, Void Staff, etc.

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