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Oct 1, 2011

How to Play League of Legends (LoL) on a Mac

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Important Changes:
ZigZagJoe found an alternative method to run LoL on your mac without using Bootcamp:

If you replace /Applications/League of with LoLLauncher.exe from a windows install, it lets you launch the game and play normally! Doubt it will keep working past the patch, though. 

Here's mine:

Use at own risk, blah blah blah. Taken from my desktop windows install, which, interestingly, had as the version rather than .33

Simpler instructions:

1. Find your League of Legends application. 
2. Right click it (or ctrl+click), choose show package contents. 
3. Go to Contents/Resources/transgaming/c_drive/rads/projects/lol_launcher/releases/ in the finder window that pops up
4. In the folder, Rename or delete LoLLauncher.exe.
5. Download LoLLauncher.exe from the link above, and place it in this folder
6. Run League of Legends application
7. Own noobs.

Still working with riven patch!
Dominion beta working too!

Looking to play League of Legends on your Macintosh operating system? Unfortunately the Mac client has been discontinued. This means that in order to play League of Legends on your Mac, you'll have to either partition your drive via BootCamp, or run a Virtual PC program such as Parallels to emulate Windows.

Alternative virtual machine softwares includeVirtualBox and VMWare instead, but overall your best bet is Bootcamp.

Note: All of these different methods WILL require you to own a copy of Windows in order to run.

After installing Bootcamp, go to Applications > Utilities > Boot Camp, create a partition for Windows, and then install it via your Windows disk. More information can be found on Apple's Support Site.

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