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Oct 12, 2011

Free Champion Rotation Season 2 (Preseason) Week 4

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Good afternoon summoners! Riot's released the 4th week of free heroes, and it seems like they're deciding to call this Preseason instead of Season 2 for some reason...oh well I'm still going to call it Season 2.

Anivia - Recently lowered the price of this champ. She used to be one of the strongest AP heroes in the game and still packs a punch. She drains a lot of mana with her ult, but if you put Blue buff on her you'll see some nice results. Looks like Articuno in game and has a passive that puts her into an egg form that revives unless someone kills her egg.

Ezreal - This hero can be played AD, AP, or hybrid. One of my favorite champions in the game, all his moves are skillshots. He's strongest AD, but I've heard good things about AP. If you can hit all his skillshots, he's extremely powerful. If you can't, he's outclassed by almost every other AD carry. So hit all your skillshots and be amazed. He also has a built-in blink and a global nuke.

Katarina - Great against teams with no CC, she doesn't use mana, has a built in blink, and a channeled AOE ulti. Build a gunblade and a rylais on her, and against teams with low CC she's a beast.

Ryze - Very easy hero to play, doesn't use AP but deals magic damage. Build a Frozen Heart and/or Force of Nature on him after getting a Tear of the Goddess and maybe a Catalyst. He looks like a tank, feels like a tank, but blows up teams solo. Smartcasting is god-like on him.

Singed - One of the few OP heroes in the game at the moment, the hardest part is to not overthink him. We have a guide located here. He's one of the strongest tanks in the game and very fun to play.

Sivir - An AD carry with no CC, she has a magic shield that can block a single spell and restore her mana. She specializing in pushing waves and backdooring. If there are multiple AD Carries on the team, her effectiveness increases due to her ulti that grants attack speed and movespeed in an AOE aura around her.

Sona - The easiest champion to play in the game, she has three AOE spells that don't need to be targeted, and an AOE nuke that has a skillshot twice the size of Ashe's ulti. She's a support hero.

Yorick - This hero is semi-new and hasn't been free since his release. He's got very strong laning capabilities as a result of his sustainability, but hasn't seen much gameplay since he's a little strange. Tanky DPS.

Leona - A tank with several skillshot aoe stuns, she's not very viable in ranked play, but she can be fun if you can properly land all her skillshots.

Skarner - Tanky DPS that's seen by most players as a little underpowered. His ult can drag enemy heroes around for a short distance and is probably the only fun part of playing this hero.

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