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Oct 4, 2011

Free Champion Rotation PreSeason 2 Week 3

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The night...

Fiddlesticks - 1350 champ, good aoe, mostly seen in the jungle, but can be a strong laner against certain champs.

Kassadin - 3150 champ, anti-spellcaster assassin, has good burst, a silence, slow, and multiple blinks.

Malphite - 1350 champ, Tank with a small aoe initiation blink

Morgana - 1350 champ, spellcaster with anti-magic shield and aoe damage

Nidalee - 3150 champ, has 7 different hero spells and changes into a tiger. Mostly used as an AP carry

Shen - 3150 champ, Tank with a taunt and a global TP. Recently buffed. Does not use mana.

Garen - 1350 champ, tanky DPS, very easy to play, does not use mana.

Kog'Maw - 6300 hybrid hero, mostly deals % of health damage, so stacking attack speed on him works well, along with madreds bloodrazor

Vayne - 6300 champion, straight AD carry, most people build bloodthirster or some attack speed on her.

Riven - 6300 champion, newest champion in the game, has multiple blinks, and does not use mana.

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