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Sep 23, 2011

What are the Cheapest Heroes for Each Role?


I'm freeeeeeee

This blog post is pretty straightforward, and as the title says will explain which are the cheapest champions for each role that you could possibly play in League of Legends. Don't mistaken "free" for "bad" though; in fact, everyone on this list of cheap heroes are actually insanely powerful and most people wish they were 6300 so less people would have access to their strength. Think free Mewtwos for everyone. Boom, headshot.

Without further ado, the list!

AD Carries:
Tristana: She's got the longest range in the game and has a semi-blink escape/damage skill as well as knockback move. Definitely a strong AD carry, and she's available HERE on this red post by a Riot staff member.

Ashe: She might have the best utility in the game with a global arrow that stuns/slows. It's tough to master hitting with it, but as a 450 hero you'll be able to practice with her from level 1 to 30!
Sivir: Another 450 IP AD carry with very strong dueling capabilities and a power AOE speed boost for your team, this hero is extremely versatile and offers a lot in the hands of a master.

AP Carries:
Annie: With powerful AOE stuns and ridiculous damage, she's a very easy champion to pick up and master. Although she's not seen as often as she used to be, for 450 IP she's still a bargain.

Ryze: Not as strong as he used to be, but he's still the tankiest mage in the game and played very often at high ELOs. He's also very easy to learn, and should utilize Smartcasting. Goes for 450 IP

Morgana: The cheapest "uber-AP" you can buy at 1350 IP, she's probably the second most banned champion across the ELOs. Very simple to play, she's a safe farmer with a game-changing ultimate.

Sion: For 1350 IP, he's also a very strong mid-laner and a powerful solo queue champion who really only has 2 moves, making him very easy to learn.

Although Nunu and Master Yi are availablef for 450 IP and can jungle easily, their relative strength isn't that high.

Malphite, Dr. Mundo, Cho'Gath and Warwick for 1350 IP are your cheapest conventional junglers, and for a stronger skill/experience based jungler, you might even try Alistar, who you can get for FREE

Top Solo:
Warwick, Singed, Dr. Mundo, and Malphite are all very good top solo champions that are easy to learn, can farm safely, and go for 1350 IP each.

Support Heroes:
Alistar: FREE support hero, might be the best in the game. Tanky, two CCs, and an AOE heal

Soraka: 450 IP, SOLID support hero, might be a little boring to play, global heal counters karthus ult.

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  1. Might want to update this, Dr. Mundo is definitely higher on the tier list than Fiddlesticks (even though a good Fiddle can make an impact).

    Morgana should be on the AP list as Annie is pretty useless these days.

    Not sure why (god mode) Sivir isn't on this list, I guess it was overlooked?

  2. You're right, this page was made quite a while back, before the jungle changes :P Will update shortly.

  3. Annie is not at all useless as long as you know how to position yourself and your team knows how to protect you, you can nuke down the WHOLE enemy team with your tibbers. My friend plays annie ALOT in ranked and he carries his team going like 15-2-10 every game because, he knows how to position himself in team fights.

  4. HI SHULD I Buy annie ?


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