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Sep 15, 2011

Season Two Begins + Riven Patch

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Administrative Updates:

So Season 2 has officially began September 15th, 2011 after a surprisingly short patch time by Riot. Dominion has yet to be released, and the top ranked solo player was reset down to 1500.

1500 players are now 1300, 1400 players are now around 1260, and there are still people below the 1200 mark.

The new Jarvan skin is being released, but some gold players might need a few more hours before they receive yours. In other news, the new Kayle skin is HOT. (although the wings look a little silly.)

Thoughts on Patch Notes

  • Orianna's nerf seems like it will affect her similar to the way Ryze was affected by his Q nerf. While she might fall off for a little bit, I'm sure good Orianna players will be just as overwhelmingly powerful.
  • The new Shen buff seems to make him semi-viable again, but from recent gameplay his ultimate still offers too little in shielding although his Vorpal Blade is hitting much harder. The base on his ult wasn't increased though the AP ratios were, so we might see more Rylais/RoAs on Shen in the future.
  • Riven is a very flashy hero, haven't had the chance to play her, but she seems fun like Lee Sin.
  • Taric got a decent rework and should be interesting to play.
  • The new tenacity buffs might make it worth grabbing them more often.

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