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Sep 28, 2011

Nine-Tailed Fox Hero

I'm so pretty...Oh so pretty...

Riot has just announced a future new hero, the Nine-Tailed Fox hero, which is supposed to be a ranged summoner with a few advanced movement abilities. Sounds like a caster with blinking spells, possibly Ezreal-like in abilities. Some have speculated that she might be a support hero, and there is no release date set for her yet.

The red post is as follows:

Based on the story of a fox who wanted nothing more than to become human, this champion will be a ranged caster who utilizes her Fox Bead to decimate her opponents on the battlefield. She’s going to be extremely agile and versatile, using her nine tails to maneuver in and out of combat with style and grace. She will also make use of her Fox Fire, where she will summon balls of fire which will seek out and destroy nearby enemies.

Sounds fun to me! We'll keep you updated as Riot releases more.

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