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Sep 15, 2011

Jungler or Support role for map control?

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As many of you know, the support hero on a ranked team will be the one carrying around clairvoyance or "CV" as we've come to know and love. With this and a full pack of wards, the support can basically control vision for the entire map. But what do you do when the support hero is using CV about as often as he's using flash? With its 45 second cv, it has to be abused to get the full effect out of it.

CV targets: Blue/Red Buff, any bush that isn't warded.
if you have a teamfight or skirmish that involves dodging in and out of a bush, a single CV could be the difference between victory and defeat.

However, if your CVer isn't exactly up to par, JUNGLING can provide you almost as much map control. How you ask? Simple. Everytime you want something CVed, just ping a location and ask for it. The support won't even have to look at the target, and just has to press his CV button and click on your ping. Meanwhile, you can also use wards to track the enemy jungler and make your ganks more effective than his.

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