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Sep 29, 2011

How to Hit Every Skillshot - Or most of them anyway.

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Use Tezuka Zone. ZINGGGG

I don't claim to be a skillshot master. I don't even claim to hit every skillshot. In fact, I used to be terrible at them. I've heard lots of techniques: lead your shots, anticipating where the enemy is going to move to when he sees them coming, surrounding him with multiple skillshots, shooting from point blank, and waiting for a hard CC.

These are all good strategies. You should use them. But there's something better.

I can't even take credit for this, since I learned it from reading one of Reginald's posts somewhere long ago, I can't remember where, but I just know he's the one that pointed it out somewhere. Now I'm pointing it out to you.

Anyway, enough with dragging this stuff out. How do you do it? Throw your skillshot as your enemy is about to last-hit a creep. Naturally this also involves you having last hitting abilities too so you know when a creep is low enough to last hit. Either the enemy will miss the creep, losing his CS and throwing off his concentration, or he'll get slammed by a skillshot.

This is why pros get hit by "skillshots" that they should be able to dodge 100% of the time. Of course, you could be laning someone who really sucks at last hitting, thus throwing YOUR timing off as well, but hey, if he's that bad then you're probably going to beat him in lane anyway.

Real easy. Lose CS or get blown up. Boom, headshot.

In related news: To dodge 100% of skillshots, stand out of range. If you have to get in range, run around in this pattern to minimize your chances of getting hit:

In all seriousness though, if you run perpendicular to the direction a hero is firing a skillshot, your chance to get hit will be the smallest. For those of you that forgot middle school geometry, perpendicular means  

if they shoot it this way               Run this way       Not this Way (Which is parallel)
>>>>>>>>>>>>>                             V                     >>>>>>>>>>

Incidentally, if you have to hit a moving target with a skillshot, if you position yourself parallel to the enemy's run direction you'll have the highest chance of hitting him.

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  1. I feel like I should have known this. But I didn't. Thanks!


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