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Sep 27, 2011

Free Champion Rotation PreSeason 2 Week 2 - Miniguide

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It's not often you can use me for free

Free champions this week:

Alistar - You can get him for free Here with the skin. He can be a tank, support, or AP carry. He does all three roles decently well, and you can even jungle him. 2 disables and a heal.

Master Yi - 450 IP champ, no disables, best to use as a jungler.

Veigar - 1350 IP Champ, spellcaster with high burst and high skill cap.

Zilean - 1350 IP Champ, best as a support/AP hero. All his skills should be smart casted, since he thrives on fast casting spells.

Urgot - 3150 IP - AD Carry, high skill cap. His E allows you to lock on your Q by doing a mouseover.

Miss Fortune - 6300 IP - AD Carry, very easy to play.

Cassiopeia - 6300 IP AP Carry, very hard to play (well), barely ever free.

Maokai - 6300 IP - AP caster/tank/support. Medium skillcap. Mostly seen top solo, can also jungle or support a duo lane. Good counter to Brand.

Rumble - 4800 IP caster/bruiser, medium skillcap, good top solo.

Wukong - 6300 IP bruiser. Easy skills, hard to play well, considered underpowered and needs fixing. Fun though.

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  1. Its gonna b a good week,cassio,maokai,rumble and wukong are very nice


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