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Sep 27, 2011

Brand Guide - Soloing Summoner's Rift with FIRE

Nobody can quench my heat.

It's been a while since I've written a full hero guide, so I'm dedicating this one to Brand, one of (in my humble opinion) the strongest heroes in League of Legends.

Things to know:
  • If you miss your pillar you will do almost no damage
  • Annie can burst down 2 players. You can burst down 5.
  • You're still squishy. Don't try and solo 5 heroes unless you're hiding in a bush and they can't see you.
  • Your spells all "ignite" the target, and will give all your abilities a secondary effect.
  • At level 7 one Pillar + a Conflag will take out a caster wave.
  • How to hit his pillar: Whenever someone's about to last hit a minion, they have to pause very slightly to release their attack. Hit them with your pillar at this moment. Real easy.
  • Magic Penetration Reds (Insight)
  • Clarity or Replenishment Yellows - This is crucial he's mana hungry
  • Blues - Whatever you want. Ability Power, CDR, Mag Resist all work.
  • Quints - Fortitude or ability power, Fortitude is better because he's still squishy.
Masteries: Standard 9/0/21 Masteries

Summoners: Flash + Ignite. You can run Ghost or Exhaust instead of Ignite if you want, but Ignite really helps pull in the early game kills.

Pillar of Flame: Your bread and butter skill. Throws down an AOE that hits all heroes inside. Deals 25% extra damage against ablazed targets.

Conflagration: Nukes an enemy. If the target is ablaze, it hits nearby enemies in an AOE as well.

Sear: Skillshot nuke. If the enemy is ablazed it will stun them for 2 seconds at all levels.

Pyroclasm: (ult) Bounces on enemies up to 5 times and moves faster if targets are ablaze.

As you can tell, all his spells are nukes and deal damage. You blow things up.

Skill Build: Start with W(pillar), since it makes for the best pulls/harass. Level 2 get E(conflag), level 3 W, level 4 Q(your stun). Max W then E after and get your ult whenever you can.

Level 1: Pillar
Level 2: Conflagration
Level 3: Pillar
Level 4: Sear
Level 5: Pillar
Level 6: Pyroclasm
Level 7: Pillar
Level 8: Conflagration
Level 9: Pillar
Level 10~18: Finish maxing your Ult/Conflagration

Item Build: Start with Boots + 3 pots (or 4 pots if you feel like it)
2~3 Doran Rings
Sorceror Boots

Next item:
  • Void staff if they have force of nature
  • Rylai if you have low CC
  • Will of Ancients or Zhonya's Hourglass for survivability
Single Target Killing Combo: E -> Q -> W
Farming Combo: W-> E
Teamfights: W -> E -> R -> Q

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