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Sep 19, 2011

30 Second Guide on Akali + Wallpapers

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Click on the picture above for a wallpaper!

Akali is hard. She needs her own rune page if you want to do well. You are an assassin. Kill their carries. You are invisible for a short time after exiting your shroud. Max your Q first and only get 1 level of your W.

You are a ninja. You have no mana and use energy.
  • Hit someone with your Q then hit him again for bonus damage.
  • E uses up a lot of energy, only use it to farm or if it's a sure kill
  • Save at least one R for when they blink.
  • People can still hit you with skillshots in your shroud
  • You are squishy until you get Rylai

Start with boots and pots, get RYLAI + Hextech Revolver, Get Lichbane or Deathcap.
Boots -> Merc Treads or Sorc Boots

Technical Mumbo:

She needs 19.5 ability power and 9.5 attack damage to use both passives.
  • This means you need at least 2 Flat AP Quints and 9 Flat AP Blues for her AP Passive to turn on at level 1 via the the AP mastery.
  • Get 7 flat AD Marks which makes 6.65 and then get the attack damage offense mastery which brings it to 9.65.

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