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Sep 20, 2011

30 Second Alistar Guide + Wallpaper

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Click on the picture above for a wallpaper

  • Alistar is very tanky.
  • You can build him as an AP Tank, Straight Tank, or Support Hero.
  • Your ult makes you super tanky
  • Once you get good you can do the headbutt into pulverize combo
  • Primary Summoner: Flash - Helps your position your skills and escape.
  • Clairvoyance if you're playing support, Exhaust, Teleport, Ghost, all also viable
  • Max your Pulverize, get at least one level of headbutt.
  • If you're going AP caster max headbutt second with one level of heal.
  • If you're going tanky or support, max heal after pulverize.
  • Going straight down the defense or the utility mastery tree are both great.
  • Defense Runes + Magic Penetration
Item Build:
  • Support Build: Philospher's Stone, Heart of Gold, Ionian Boots, Sheen, Aegis of the Legion
  • Tank Build: P-stone, HoG, Mercury Treads, Sheen, then pick one of these two
  • AP Caster Build: Sheen, Sorceror Boots, Deathcap, Lichbane

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