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Aug 25, 2011

Brazil 5v5 Tier List by futebolBR Version 2.0

Version 2.0! YEAH

Version 2.0 of the original tier list, futelbolBR outdid himself this time, with more BOLD than ever before. The original thread is located here, but it has also been unfortunately closed at this time :( Luckily, it's been immortalized on my blog!

Disclaimer: This list is clearly for fun and should not be taken seriously nor offensively.

Hello futebolbr here, november last year i teach america to play LoL viable caracters. Riot lock thread (ahead of time maybe) so i waited 9 months for my internet to work so can teach you.
best one
Mordekaizer - Es the best, #1, always win never loose, forever, i tell u 1 year ago, now i see everywhere on american forum. dont believe? u r probably irelia player.
Garen - Brasil es strong, garen es strong, es da same. u go to bush u better be ready for spinner
Warwick - Buy BF sword for super life steal. punch enemies hard so they back to base. 2 shot turret every time.
Tryndamere Super spin super heal chest like sona, so good, always win never loose
Akali SO MUCH DAMAGE, invisible es best
Katarina like akali but bigger boobs and super aoe spin
Renekton - We have alligator living in yard here en brasil. if u give it hat and big sword i maybe move to panama!
(bra)zilian (still funny joke! hueheu) everytime es die you bring to life, use on mordekeiser for free win, (2 top bans in brasil es zilian and morde)
Malzahar Everytime so much damage ulti kill so fast u dont know how you die.
Gangplank - Catching up to mordekaizer, has a gun so not fair to other players with swords and hammers 
Caitlin OMG trap i get stun i cant move, just shoots me. counter pick with twitch so can invisible around traps.
Nunu How eat so much? riot need fix this not realistic.... everytime es slowing so much how can snowball if winter map es gone?!


Mundo - So fast can win race over anyone but yi.
Yi Can beat mundo in race so i put next
Jax has more eyes than yi so i put him next. jump super far even tho 2 toes.
Blitzcrank giant hand robot, pull you to mordekaizer
Nasus big dog
Sion mage with big muscle and axe? why not give him wand and wizard hat?
veigar little magic man make jail for everyone, everyone stun.
Alistar SO STRONG. Smash ground so much everyone flying. Alistar es #1 in poland. (alistar jest #1)
Le bonk she get the name bonk because she bonk so hard you gonna die 2 hits every time.
Twister Fate Everytime es teleportation. es da best. counter with panthon ulti.
Malphite slow everyone till die

Es okay

Twitch Smelly rat, AP runes and items for expunge
Xin zhao still dunno if jappanese, korean, maybe filipino, idk, i keep in t3 tho
Mis fortunate Stupid girl, 1 day es cowboy, then pirate, then secret agent, then christmas *** girl, what doing?
Nidalee Look at her, definately from brasil.
Ashe GIANT arrow stun for so long i get kick for afk
Urgot U r got to be kidding me with how far his spike shooter shoot
Vladamir everytime es go underground i cannot find. 
vayne no cleavage, no hot, not interested
Nocturne everytime es shadow i cannot see, turn brightness up on monitor to counter.
Rammus Flip garen on sideways and use e, u have rammus 
Irelia everytime es dash es da best what else can say? 
Olaf axe hard to throw, not viable.
Amumu ulti so good, idk why crying
Anivia Bird #1, shoot ice
Swain Bird #2, no ice
tristana teemo sister? nice gun but too small
Kassadin teleport squid with mask, not viable
Annie Too young, you are diapers? for some reason bear not eat her for dinner yet.
Lux too ugly, but lazer es so big so scary.
Yorick Zombie farmer? go back to facebook apps hue
Sona boobs too distracting, making them smaller make her not viable.
Janna So beautiful, everytime make huge tornado, pair up with twister fate.

#4 not so good

brand fire everywhere but too much skillshot, too hard to play
Morgana oh you put poison pool? i walk 2 centimeter to left.
Singe Gave me virus on old dell when i played, norton tell me not to play
Ryze bald magic man
Ezreal Es boy or girl? I dont know, so i put here.
Taric ^
Shaco es joke, jax in box do no damage unless ap, then bad
Heimerdinger hide behind turrets? es no brave like brasil.
Corki Nice mustache, but es heimers brother, so put down here.
Udyr peta power machine, 
Lee sin imperial xin zhao with blindfold
Rumble recycle caracters i see riot, es twitch inside of blitzcrank
Oriana blitzcrank sister, has big ball
Monkey king doesnt put damage on enemy, just go invisible and spin like idiot
Kogmaw throw up and spit on everyone, like 9 year old brasil drunk boy
Gragus probably give kogmaw beer. put him next.
poppy one time can solo dragon lvl 1, now cant so i put down here.
Jarvan should replace flag with brasil flag and do more damage
Karthus skeleton man that hurt everyone.

#5 might as well delete
Trundle make giant poop hills from floor why would want that?
chogath spam level vorpal spikes for super damage
Galio ulti that make everyone attack you and kill and does 0 damage
Eve just delete it, first u nerf, then make super ugly, then nerf again
Soraka stupid horn, will put at the end of the tier list.
Cassiopia just look away and no stun, stupid caracter.
Fiddlestick if i want to see crow flying everywhere i pick swain
Leona Weak girl, run around hit people plastic sword 5 damage
Maokai giant plant, easily flammable
teemo too many skins
Sivir throw big "x" boomerang, 0 damage
Shen Ninja tank? what next
Karma good luck doing damage with fan

Soraka No damage, stupid horn

if i forget someone i fix later, 
Original: [url][/url]
i add cool bold effects for u guys

shaco move down, stupid clown, die fast.
sion move up. forget how big axe is
soraka move from last place to even lower, below karma
cassiopia move down.

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  1. i dont belive that a nice website like this got such bad post. i really dont belive that this guy knows what i tatics, and AOE......bad post. just bad

  2. This is a joke post dude LOL it's supposed to be funny

  3. my eisen is hard

  4. omg lmao, dis so op


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