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Jul 18, 2011

Thoughts on Leona - New Tank/Melee Champion

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Sunlight (Passive): Okay, it deals extra damage on an enemy, kinda like Akali's nuke.
Shield of Daybreak: Stuns her next target
- Renekton style, nothing new.
Eclipse: Additional armor and mag resist for 3 seconds, deals AOE after.
- Kinda an individual, nerfed version of jarvan's banner.
Zenith Blade: Skillshot, teleports to last enemy hit.
- Uh what. So it's basically jarvan's banner + dragon strike combo but with 1 ability?
Solar Flare - AOE that does damage and slows, enemies in the middle are stunned
- Good intiation, provides an aoe Jarvan but it stuns instead of traps. Also a DBZ reference, I approve.

Basically, Leona seems like a female Jarvan that's slightly modified, which is intersting since Jarvan just got nerfed. She seems around the same power level as Jarvan at the moment, and this being the era of tanky DPS, we'll definitely be seeing more of her. Her Zenith Blade has a pretty decent distance, and the speed is okay. It's dodgable, but it's also about the same speed as Amumu's hook.

All in all, kind of a boring hero, but nice art and she'll definitely be strong in today's metagame.

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  1. LOOL, so this is when this bitch entered in the league


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