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Jul 5, 2011

Chase Me Like A Retard - A Singed Guide

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Singed is a tank, a pusher, and a disabler. He requires more farm than certain heroes, and his strongest point in the game is from mid game to late game. He can be good early game as well, but only against either melee or heroes that are slower than you.

He's quite strong. But yet, when I first started playing him, I was terrible. It's because of this that I can tell you the dos and don'ts of playing the mad scientist.

I like to run with 1 movespeed quint and 2 health quints
Magic Pen reds
Health per level yellows
Mag Resist blues - personally I run with flat since I tend to get force of nature later anyway.

Personally I like to run with ghost and teleport. Teleport gives you a bit of a buffer if you're solo laning against a ranged, and also gives you some major pushing power.

Ghost or Flash is up to personal opinion, personally I like ghost since it lets me lay down my poison trail.

Level 1: Fling (1/5)
Level 2: Poison Trail (1/5)
Level 3: Poison Trail (2/5).
Level 4: Mega Adhesive (1/5).
Level 5: Poison Trail (3/5).
Level 6: Insanity Potion (1/3).
Level 7: Poison Trail (4/5)
Level 8: Fling (2/5)
Level 9: Poison Trail (5/5)
Level 10: Fling (3/5)
Level 11: Insanity Potion (2/3)
Level 12: Fling (4/5)
Level 13: Fling (5/5)
Level 14: Mega Adhesive (2/5)
Level 15: Mega Adhesive (3/5)
Level 16: Insanity Potion (3/3)
Level 17: Mega Adhesive (4/5)
Level 18: Mega Adhesive (5/5)

After this max out Poison, get your ulti whenever you can, max out toss after gas, and max out mega adhesive last. There's really no reason not to go this exact skill build if you're soloing top. If you happen to be stuck duo-laning bot, then maxing your mega-adhesive before your fling might be a better idea if your lane lacks CC.


Pretty standard 0/21/9 mastery tree. Key things to note are that you definitely want to have the dodge 10% movespeed in nimbleness and you also want to definitely max out your strength of spirit, which gives you better survivability in lane.

1. Starting: Boots + HP Potion x3 (You'll want to upgrade these boots to either Mercury Treads or Boots of Swiftness)
2. First purchase: Catalyst or at least Ruby Crystal then Sapphire Crystal if you can't afford it. Make sure to buy a ward if you're side laning and place it in the river somewhere.
3. Rylais: A lot of people like to go Rod of Ages instead of Rylais, but Rylais really makes singed nearly unkillable as you run and will net you a lot of kills as they chase. It also helps protect your teammates.
4. Negatron Cloak: With this, you gain a good amount of magic resist and can build either Banshee's Veil or Force of Nature as you please.
5. This is where it gets tricky. Viable items include: Banshee's Veil, Rod of Ages, Force of Nature, and Frozen Heart. Banshee's Veil if they have a lot of disables, RoA if you're already unkillable, and This Post will shed some light on the last two.
6. If the game's gone on longer than this you'll want to figure out if you're the main tank or not, and just how tanky you are.
  • If you're not tanky enough: Grab any one of the items in #5 depending on what's best for the enemy team composition
  • If you're tanky enough: Needlessly large rod -> Rabbadon's Deathcap or get a Void Staff instead if they're packing a ton of magic resistance.

1. Buy a catalyst. It's the single most sustaining item in the game right now for casters.
2. Start with boots if you don't have movespeed quints. If you don't, your throw range is ridiculously small and you'll never catch your enemies.
3. Put a small cloud right before you last hit a creep so if the enemy melee charges you they'll get damaged.

1. Try farming early levels with you gas. You'll oom yourself and be out for when you need that clutch throw.
2. Run past your creeps and throw the enemy, his creeps will eat you alive early game.
3. Try and catch an enemy that's faster than you (this isn't as obvious as you think)
4. Push the lane with your gas, if you do it better be all the way to the tower for a creep positioning reset.

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