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Jul 30, 2011

First Day with the Monkey King - WuKong

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Seeing the all-time favorite Monkey King release, I just had to buy it. Equipped with my volcanic skin, I ran forth to do battle!

So far, it seems like he's kinda a Xin Zhao kind of character with a sexy ulti, didn't realize he could move while he ulti'ed at first, but it makes sense since...he's the monkey king haha. Anyway, his W seemed to have a little lag after using his blink, so make sure you have it on before you try and act all sneaky.

He's definitely a very bursty character, but also works well tanky like Xin. He doesn't seem to have the same amount of damage output from what I can see yet, but his ulti does toss enemies around him up, which is a plus!

Will comment more after a few more rounds with him. Liking him so far though!

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