Sep 7, 2015

2015 Champion Tier List - Solo Queue - Patch 5.17 Update

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Hey everyone and welcome to the latest solo queue tier list update! In stark contrast to last patch, Riot's gone all-out with changes this time around. Featuring massive changes on Skarner, Mordekaiser, Darius, and a slew of item modifications, Riot's definitely shaking up the meta before season end.
Check out the full list below!

"Division Climbers"

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Preface Chatter

Hey everyone and welcome to the latest solo queue tier list update! This time around, the juggernauts have fully taken over the scene with the likes of Garen and Darius dominating top lane. However, luckily there's a friendly buff on long range caster and CC-kite queen Lux-chan to keep us safe from the predators.

Check out the full list below!

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The purpose of this list is to pick out the champions that when played, will allow you to climb divisions the fastest by winning more games. This list contains more off-meta and counter-meta placements that do well against popular picks.
If you're looking for a more meta based tier list based on popularity, be sure to check out the FOTM list as well!
For a list of champions with the highest *potential* in the game without regard to difficulty or team synergies, check out the list of strongest potential champions in each position!
Patch 5.17 Summary
Buffs: Bard, Darius, Draven, Jax, Karma, Lux, Nocturne, Pantheon, Tahm Kench, Vi;
Nerfs: Azir, Gangplank, Garen, Gragas, Janna, Kalista, Maokai, Rek'Sai, Shen, Skarner;
Tweaks: Fizz.

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The Tier List

God Tier [Highest Influence]:
Mid-Lane Gods: Ahri, Lux, Annie
Jungle Gods: Skarner, Xin Zhao, Diana, Warwick, Elise
AD GodsMordekaiser, Jinx, Sivir
Top Lane Gods: DariusGaren, Fiora, Wukong
Support Gods: Blitzcrank, SonaNautilus

God Tier Rising: Darius (Top), Diana (Jungle), Lux (Mid), Mordekaiser (ADC), Sona (Support)
God Tier Falling: Sivir (ADC), 

Tier 1 [Strong/Preferred Choices]:
Mid-Lane: Malzahar, Talon, Twisted Fate, Morgana, Diana, Cho'Gath, Anivia, Swain, Brand, Heimerdinger, Vel'Koz, Lissandra, Karthus, Wukong, Yasuo, Fizz
Jungle: Shyvana, AmumuKayle, Udyr, Nocturne, Jax, Aatrox, Vi, Rammus, Wukong, Pantheon, Sion, Evelynn, Volibear,
AD Carry: Ashe,Vayne, Draven
Top LaneMalphite, Irelia, Riven, Tryndamere, Lissandra, Renekton, Shen, Vladimir, Rengar, Heimerdinger, Kennen, Gangplank, Cho'gath, Gnar, Pantheon, Hecarim, Jarvan IV, Nasus, Singed, Kayle, Diana, Swain, Aatrox, Yasuo, Fizz,
Support: Soraka, Janna, Nami, Braum, Leona, Brand, Thresh

Tier 1 Rising: Pantheon (Top), Shyvana (Jungle), Twisted Fate (Mid), Wukong (Jungle)
Tier 1 Falling: Gangplank (Top), Irelia (Top), Janna (Support), Kayle (Jungle), Malphite (Top), Talon (Mid)

Tier 2 [Viable/Balanced Choices]:
Mid-Lane: Katarina, Lulu (AP), Ziggs, Vladimir, Viktor, Zed, Kayle, Galio, Kog'maw (AP), Varus, Orianna, Xerath, Kennen, Karma, Pantheon, Zyra, Nidalee, Cassiopeia, Corki, Mordekaiser
Jungle: Ekko, Rek'Sai, Fizz, Master Yi, Hecarim, Poppy, Nunu, Nautilus, Shaco, Maokai, Jarvan IV, Sejuani, Rengar, Fiddlesticks, Lee Sin, Trundle, Tahm Kench, Cho'Gath, Irelia, Kha'Zix, Malphite,
AD Carry: Caitlyn, Miss Fortune, Corki, Tristana, Varus, Kalista, Kog'Maw, Graves, Lucian, Ezreal, Twitch, Quinn,
Top Lane: Rumble, Lulu, Rek'Sai, Sion, Nautilus, Cassiopeia, Akali, Poppy, Xin Zhao, Urgot, Morgana, Maokai, Yorick, Teemo, Karma, Malzahar, Nidalee, Jax, Quinn, Galio, Volibear, Warwick, Zed, Trundle, Udyr, Lee Sin, Gragas, Jayce, Olaf, Viktor, Kha'Zix, Vi
Support: Taric, Alistar, Lulu, Morgana, Zyra, Vel'Koz, Tahm Kench, Shen, Bard, Annie, Lux, Karma, Xerath,

Tier 2 Rising: Caitlyn (ADC), Lucian (ADC), Poppy (Jungle), Tahm Kench (Support), Tristana (ADC)
Tier 2 Falling: Ekko (Jungle), Fizz (Jungle), Viktor (Mid)

Tier 3 [Needs Higher Skill/Knowledge Than Usual]:
Mid-Lane: Jayce, Ezreal (AP), Syndra, Azir, Ekko, Leblanc, Kassadin, Akali, Zilean, Teemo, Ryze, Master Yi, Gragas, Jarvan IV, Ezreal (AD), Urgot, Sona, Riven, Fiddlesticks, Kha'Zix, Malphite, Veigar, EvelynnLeona, Elise, Tristana (AP)
Jungle: Nidalee, Gragas, Zac, Olaf, Nasus, Karthus, Gangplank, Fiora, Zed, Malzahar, Leona, Riven, Darius, Shen, Dr. Mundo, Yorick, Garen, Tryndamere, Alistar
AD Carry: Urgot, Twisted Fate, Kennen, Thresh
Top Lane: Ryze, Ekko, Mordekaiser, Master Yi, Talon, Dr. Mundo, Karthus, Zac, Shyvana, Tahm Kench, Kassadin, Azir, Alistar, Leblanc, Vayne, Nunu, Elise, Braum, Taric
Support: Trundle, Zilean, Gragas, Maokai, Volibear, Kayle, Kennen, Fiddlesticks, Nunu, Malphite, Nidalee, Pantheon, Ashe, Anivia, Teemo, Lee Sin, Gangplank, Veigar

Tier 3 Rising: Azir (Top), Kassadin (Top), Zilean (Mid)
Tier 3 Falling: Gragas (Jungle), Nidalee (Jungle)

Tier 4 [Low Benefits for Effort Used]:
Mid-Lane: Soraka, Janna
AD Carry:
Top Lane: Rammus, Soraka
Support: Orianna, Poppy, Elise, Galio, Syndra, Yorick, Lissandra, Leblanc

Tier 4 Rising:
Tier 4 Falling:

Instructions and Caveats:

  • Champions in BOLD I will talk about shortly
  • Champions UNDERLINED may be over/undervalued, but aren't/haven't played enough for me to make a better judgement.
  • Within each tier the champions are strongest from left to right, but within a tier each champion's strength is relatively close. This is especially true for Tiers 2 and 3 where these champions are ALL highly playable and player dependent on how strong they are in-game.
  • This tier list takes data from ALL players; however, since the majority of players fall in the first three tiers, the majority of data points will come from there.
  • Win Rates are important in analyzing each champion's strength, but are not the end-all criteria for any champion's position.
  • The creator of this list is diamond, so there may be some personal bias towards higher tier play on certain champions.

Champion Explanations

  • Darius [God Tier Top] - Darius is currently at a nearly must-ban status in solo queue and rightfully so. The latest hotfix + buff combo made him exceedingly powerful with the new tank items, Dead Man's Plate and Sterak's Gage. A champion who can easily come back from the brink of death via his 15~30% heal off his decimate coupled with his Sterak shield + damage boost, he is very difficult to duel at all points in a fight. Even if it looks like you have the numbers and HP advantage, the tides can quickly turn, especially with too many melee piling onto him.
  • Gangplank [Tier 1 Top] - Despite extreme popularity in LCS, Gangplank is seeing limited success in solo queue. The main reason for this is that while his barrels do a decent amount of damage, the mini-game is actually balanced in the hands of an average user. There's a lot of mind-game calculation that's needed in order to successfully bully enemies with barrel setups, which tend to be out of reach of the majority of players.
  • Garen [God Tier Top] - The "easier" version of Darius, Garen tends to be picked up often when Darius is banned as a secondary top lane monster. He has much more straight-forward kit, but is nearly as overwhelming. Extremely tanky and dealing true damage, Garen is extremely powerful even if by some strange twist of fate he loses lane.
  • Gragas [Tier 3 Jungle] - After the percentage nerf on his free stats late game, Gragas definitely dropped off as one of the few remnants of Cinderhulk junglers still popular on the rift today. Good thing Skarner took up the mantle.
  • Kayle [Tier 1 Jungle] - Despite still being very strong in the jungle, Kayle is losing ground. With the league of juggernauts in play, players are moving towards more ranged based champions to prevent getting cheesed. Unfortunately, this means that with Kayle in jungle, the front lines are looking slim.
  • Lissandra [Tier 1 Top] - The latest heal buff to her ultimate is extremely beneficial to her outplaying ability, and definitely makes her a lot stronger as a laner now. Expect to see a lot more of her top than mid from what history shows.
  • Lux [God Tier Mid] - Lux was already strong, if undervalued prior to this patch. I think that a lot of good Lux players tend to put her down after getting outplayed once or twice by mobility. However, the fact of the matter is, she has an extremely strong pick skill (think double Morgana binding) and also bursts AOE damage comparable to a lot of single target assassin output.
  • Mordekaiser [God Tier AD] - I've always said that Mordekaiser is counterable and I stand by that. A lot of the statistics that Riot generates regarding his role as an AD carry are inflated, and if you always try to pick up Caitlyn/Jinx + Lulu/Janna, you'll have a very easy lane. However, that being said, if Mordekaiser isn't banned your team is forced to play around him or face a 20 minute snowball defeat. I'd say this places him pretty high in the book.
  • Nidalee [Tier 3 Jungle] - With tankier early game junglers with short cooldowns back in play, Nidalee has more trouble trying to cheese her way in the early jungle to victory. This, combined with the fact that a lot of junglers offer just as much burst without the long range skillshot means that she has limited use. In a poke comp, Nidalee still does well. However, in a burst comp she finds herself standing around a little too often.
  • Poppy [Tier 2 Jungle] - Poppy jungle is likely a hidden op right now. She needs practice to play well, but isn't mechanically difficult. However, her late game sustained/burst damage is through the roof, and plays somewhat familiar to a more difficult to utilize pre-rework Fiora. With the usual Blade of the Ruined King build, Poppy can quickly take out a single target and lifesteal back up to during her ult duration.
  • Skarner [God Tier Jungle] - Even after the hotfix and regular patch nerfs, Skarner still appears to be king of the jungle. We'll see if the numbers start evening out with more QSS in play or if Riot applies more tweaks.
  • Sona [God Tier Support] - With the number of juggernauts on the field at the moment, even tanky supports are finding a bit more trouble staying alive in melee range at the moment. This, plus her insanely strong early game poke means that she's a safe early pick that can fit into pretty much every team composition.
  • Tahm Kench [Tier 2 Jungle] - After initial hesitation regarding Tahm Kench jungle, it seems like his late game power does warrant his placement. Although his ganks are still sub-par, his ability to soak damage and teamfight late game makes him a very good threat.
  • Tahm Kench [Tier 2 Support] - As a support champion, Tahm Kench brings to the table all the things that his jungle parallel does. However, in both cases it takes a good understanding of his passive to be successful. Additionally, his ultimate should generally only be used with full ward coverage. More than one game has been lost from ulting into a bad position and bringing a friend along for the death march.
  • Tristana [Tier 2 ADC] - An extremely strong tower pusher, Tristana tends to see much more success in organized competitive play than the beast known as solo queue.


  • The purpose of this list is for discussion and to provide a starting point for champion selection.

Agree? Disagree? Comment below!

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