Miss Fortune

Dec 20, 2014

FOTM Report: Olaf's Level 1 Dragon Solo



Yesterday, YouTube user Mesmerizing TEMPO posted up a tutorial on how to kill dragon at level 1 using Olaf. While it requires some somewhat specialized runes and waiting/using three HP potions, it does net you an early dragon. Personally I wouldn't recommend it, but let's check out the goods below: 

How to Do it: 

In the video, Tempo explains that by putting your first point into W and using the runes and masteries below, if you wait for a 3rd HP potion you simply auto attack dragon to death as Olaf. 

Runes: 9 armor flat reds, 9 armor flat yellows, 6 armor flat armor blues, 3 flat cdr blues, 3 lifesteal quints. 

This rune page is pretty awkward to have around, I have a hard time imagining what else it could be used for other than completing the task at hand. This might not be the optimal or *only* page that can get the job done, but considering his margin of error in the video it seems required. 


As far as masteries go this one's not too bad, and I think it scales okay into late game. 

Full Video: 


  • Early dragon with a scaling AP and AD through the game.
  • Can camp/push top without worrying about jungler sneaking a dragon.
  • Jungler can counterjungle HARD once he sees the dragon buff on your teammates
  • No level 2 after killing dragon
  • Late 2nd blue for mid lane
  • Dangerous if warded
Overall, I'd say not to chance it, or really to play Olaf jungle too often in solo queue as his gap closing abilities aren't very good in teamfights. He is very good as a split pusher though. 

I think the key takeaway here is to make sure you're aware that it's possible and to know as a jungler/support that there may be a free kill and possibly a dragon waiting for you.

Dec 19, 2014

FOTM Report: Karthus Jungle



Yesterday, I brought back Karthus jungle into the Tier 2 jungle spot, and some of you are no doubt pondering why. I figure that rather than put thoughts in the comment section, I'd drop an entire post so on the topic, so let's dive right in. 

How it Works: 

Similar to Twisted Fate jungle, Karthus is viable because of the "new" jungle changes that allow ranged junglers to essentially move through jungle without losing any health. This makes it much easier for him to stay safe while jungling, leading to less successful invades and stronger farming power. 


  • Extremely strong clearing abilities; 
  • Loses almost no health in jungle; 
  • Can full clear jungle first time around; 
  • Synergizes well with AD mid laners; 
  • Global ganking power; and
  • Scales extremely well into late game.
  • High cooldowns on ultimate;
  • Jungle start path is fairly predictable;
  • No hard CC during a gank; and
  • Somewhat more difficult to jungle than melee junglers.

Karthus Jungle in the Current Meta

While Karthus jungle is by no means even close to being one of the popular roles for Karthus at the moment, several professionals have started picking them up in solo queue including saintvicious. Expect to see some bandwagoning in the near future.

Outside of that though, I think that Karthus does well in the current meta, even with squishy laners. Because a glass cannon Karthus can also suicide into an enemy team to zone them, he performs a pseudo-tank front line role.

Thoughts? Comment below!

Dec 18, 2014

Math: Athene's Unholy Grail vs Morellonomicon



After a little warm-up with the champion match-up possibilities, (which you no doubt all found super interesting) let's transition into some calculations with a little more utility:

Which is the better buy, Morellonomicon or Athene's Unholy Grail?

Patch 5.1 Rune Combiner Removal


Looks like Riot intends on removing the rune combiner and changing the all the low level scaling runes. Check out the full details below ~

Rune Combiner & T1/T2 Runes

Tl;dr – In Patch 5.1 we’ll be simplifying the new player rune experience by removing all scaling and most secondary Tier 1 & Tier 2 runes from the store, reducing and standardizing prices on the remainder, and removing the Rune Combiner from the client. The price changes won’t be retroactive, and no runes will be removed from accounts.
We’d like to give you a heads up regarding some changes coming in patch 5.1 that are aimed at streamlining the rune experience for new players. To clarify, these changes aren’t part of our long-term plans for the overall rune system (still working on those!) and generally won’t affect most level 30s – they’re a quick fix specifically focused on making things smoother for new players.
First of all, we’re slimming down the number of purchasable Tier 1 and Tier 2 runes. These runes are intended to be an introduction to the level 30 rune experience, but duplicating the entire Tier 3 rune roster is overkill given that players will pretty quickly move on to T3 runes. In particular, more advanced decisions like the appropriate use of scaling or secondary (AP marks, Armor glyphs, Crit EVERYTHING, etc) runes are something we think can wait until players have mastered the basics of League. With that in mind, we’re pulling all scaling and most secondary T1/T2 runes from the store and thereby reducing the number of purchasable T1/T2 runes from 88 to just 23. This will be a store-only change so no runes will be removed from accounts.
To complement these changes, we’re also adjusting the remaining T1/T2 runes with lower, standardized pricing that will reduce individual T1/T2 rune prices by anywhere from 55% to 90+% depending on current cost. These prices changes are also store-only and won’t be retroactive.
Finally, we’re removing the Rune Combiner. For the unfamiliar, the Rune Combiner is a tool accessible through the Runes profile tab that lets players combine runes in order to receive a new one. It was initially conceived as a progression tool and a way for players to recycle lower-tier runes, but has ended up being a bit of a trap for low-level players as well as a tool for mischief in the case of shared or compromised accounts. So, we’re retiring it – pretty simple. Make sure to use it before Patch 5.1 if you’re the gambling type or simply want to get rid of some unused runes.

You can see the full change list below (subject to change):
  • Rune Combiner removed
    • Players occasionally used the Rune Combiner to delete excess runes upon reaching the rune cap (700). In the future, please contact Player Support for assistance.
  • Price reduction / standardization on remaining T1 / T2 runes (not retroactive)
    • Tier 1
      • New prices: 15 IP per quint, 5 IP per mark / seal / glyph
      • Previous prices: 80 - 165 IP per quint, 15 - 65 IP per mark / seal / glyph
    • Tier 2
      • New prices: 100 IP per quint, 35 IP per mark /seal / glyph
      • Previous prices: 410 - 820 IP per quint, 80 - 330 IP per mark / seal / glyph
  • Remaining T1 / T2 runes (all flat)
    • Marks - Attack Damage, Attack Speed, Armor Penetration, Magic Penetration
    • Seals - Armor, Magic Resist, Health, Health Regeneration
    • Glyphs - Ability Power, Cooldown Reduction, Mana Regeneration, Magic Resist
    • Quints - Ability Power, Cooldown Reduction, Magic Penetration, Armor, Magic Resist, Health, Attack Damage, Attack Speed, Armor Penetration, Life Steal, Movement Speed
  • Following T1 / T2 runes removed from store (existing owners retain them)
    • All scaling runes
    • Marks – Ability power, Armor, Cooldown Reduction, Critical Chance, Critical Damage, Health, Hybrid Penetration, Magic Resist, Mana, Mana Regeneration
    • Seals – Ability Power, Attack Damage, Attack Speed, Cooldown Reduction, Critical Chance, Critical Damage, Mana, Mana Regeneration, Percent Health
    • Glyphs – Armor, Attack Damage, Attack Speed, Critical Chance, Critical Damage, Health, Health Regeneration, Manacreat
    • Quints – Critical Chance, Critical Damage, Health Regeneration, Hybrid Penetration, Mana, Mana Regeneration, Percent Health