Miss Fortune

Jan 27, 2015

Official Patch 5.2 Notes Released!


Looks like Patch 5.2 is hitting the shelves in short order! It features the infamous DFG removal originally announced, coupled with some strong changes to the champions that favored it most. Check out this quick summary below:

Buffs: Annie, Nidalee, Syndra,
Nerfs: Akali, Cassiopeia, Fizz, Rek'Sai, Zed
Tweaks: Ahri, Tristana,

Jan 24, 2015

FOTM: Taric's Explosive Win Rate w/Locket



Now I know it's been less than a month since I first postulated on Taric's comeback on Patch 4.20, but as the new season starts, I think it's about time to revisit this crystalline hero(ine?) as some new data has come to light with Season 5's start: His win rate with Locket is absoutely insane.

Sivir Spellshield Bug in Patch 5.1



Earlier today, YouTuber Jeremy GamingCurios put up a video detailing Sivir's new(?) bug in Patch 5.1. In a nutshell, it seems that during the frame that Sivir absorbs a spell with her spellshield, she becomes completely immune to all other damage that hits her during this time.

WTF? Check out the complete video below!


All theorycrafting aside, I think this can more than account for Sivir's strange rise in win rate lately...

Thoughts? Comment below!

Jan 23, 2015

What Did the Ranked Reset Really Do?



After the Season 5 resets occurred on the 21st, everyone's been diligently grinding through their placement matches. However, after finishing their first 10, many first time restarters are left a bit bewildered. What exactly happened?

Placement Matches

Regular Placement Matches
In generally, when a player reaches level 30 they enter into placement matches, which quickly escalates their MMR in one direction or another. This amount slowly declines as they play more games. For instance, one would find that soon after exiting placement matches, he would gain or lose nearly 40 LP per game. For comparison for those of you that don't play ranked, normal gain/loss is about 13 LP.

Season 5 Reset Matches
Meanwhile, for the Season 5 reset, you may notice if you look up your teammates before or after the game starts, most of them seem to be hovering around the same league and division before everyone was reset, even after losing or winning a few games in a row.

MMR was likely "normalized" but for the majority left alone and true "placement" matches were not implemented. Usually, Riot caps out everyone at a certain amount, and depending on your previous ranking, you get a proportion of that cap.

Speaking of which, if anybody is wondering, the highest you can achieve after 10 placement matches is Platinum I, even if you were challenger before reset.

So close.

Meanwhile, to start up a discussion, feel free to post your placement match results in the following format in the comment section, and I'll start compiling them into a table:

Division/League S4: [ex: Diamond 5]
Placement Match Score: [ex: 5-5]
Division/League S5 Placement: [ex: Platinum 4]
Goal Division: [Optional]

S4 Division/League Placement Matches S5 Division/League
Bronze 3 7-3 Bronze 3
Bronze 2 6-10 Bronze 5
None 7-3 Silver 5
Silver 5 6-4 Bronze 3
Silver 5 9-1 Silver 4
Silver 4 7-3 Silver 2
Silver 4 5-5 Silver 5
Silver 4 8-2 Bronze 3
Silver 3 5-5 Bronze 3
Silver 3 4-6 Bronze 2
Silver 2 5-5 Bronze 2
Silver 2 6-4 Silver 2
Silver 2 5-5 Silver 3
Silver 1 7-3 Silver 5
Silver 1 5-5 Bronze 5
None 8-2 Gold 3
Gold 4 4-6 Silver 4
Gold 4 4-6 Silver 4
Gold 2 8-2 Plat 5
Gold 1 0-10 Silver 3
Platinum 5 3-7 Gold 5
Platinum 5 7-3 Platinum 4
Platinum 5 7-3 Platinum 4
Platinum 3 6-4 Platinum 4
Platinum 3 4-6 Gold 1
Platinum 2 7-3 Platinum 2
Platinum 1 7-3 Platinum 2
Diamond 5 3-7 Platinum 3
Diamond 3 8-2 Platinum 1
Master I 6-4 Platinum 1
Challenger 5-5 Platinum 1