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May 18, 2015

2015 Champion Tier List - Solo Queue - Patch 5.9 Update

Hi everyone and welcome back to the newest edition of the Solo Queue Tier List "Division Climbers". This update features some slow movers from the introduction of the new Black Cleaver and the somewhat old Luden's Echo. However, the largest changes are definitely in the jungle and top lane, where Riot decided to finally slam Cinderhulk with the nerfbat. Check out the full scoop below!

"Division Climbers"

This List has been updated, and new versions are available via this link

Preface Chatter

Hi everyone and welcome back to the newest edition of the Solo Queue Tier List "Division Climbers". This update features some slow movers from the introduction of the new Black Cleaver and the somewhat old Luden's Echo. However, the largest changes are definitely in the jungle and top lane, where Riot decided to finally slam Cinderhulk with the nerfbat. Check out the full scoop below!

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The purpose of this list is to pick out the champions that when played, will allow you to climb divisions the fastest by winning more games.
If you're looking for a more meta based tier list based on popularity, be sure to check out the FOTM list as well!
For a list of champions with the highest *potential* in the game without regard to difficulty or team synergies, check out the list of strongest potential champions in each position
Patch 5.9  Summary
BUFFS: Nocturne, Olaf, Renekton, Tristana, Trundle, Xin Zhao;
NERFS: Akali, Annie, Kalista, Morgana, Riven, Ryze, Zed;
TWEAKS: Ashe, Hecarim;

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  • 5/19: Nasus, Cho'Gath, Udyr jungle moved down
    • Rek'sai, Rengar, and Nocturne jungle moved up
  • 5/22: Added explanation link for Ashe
    • Rengar jungle moved up
    • Fizz jungle moved down
  • 5/29: Lee Sin Jungle moved up

The Tier List

God Tier [Highest Influence]:
Mid-Lane Gods: Ahri, Annie
Jungle Gods: Nunu, Sejuani, Amumu
AD Gods: Jinx, Sivir, Ashe
Top Lane Gods: HecarimIrelia, Wukong, Riven
Support Gods: Janna, Sona, Leona, Nautilus

God Tier Rising: Ashe (ADC), Irelia (Top), Nautilus (Support)
God Tier Falling: Amumu (Jungle)

Tier 1 [Strong/Preferred Choices]:
Mid-Lane: Katarina, Anivia, Malzahar, Talon, Cho'Gath, Morgana, Swain, Ziggs, Diana, Vladimir, Brand, Twisted Fate, Cassiopeia, Vel'Koz, Karthus, Wukong, Kennen, Heimerdinger
Jungle: Shaco, FiddlesticksNidaleeGragas, HecarimRek'SaiWarwick, Wukong, Evelynn, Volibear, Xin Zhao, Maokai, Sion
AD Carry: Draven, Vayne, Graves, Kog'Maw, Kalista
Top LaneTryndamereRenektonFiora, Vladimir, Heimerdinger, Nasus, Malphite, Cho'gath, Swain, Sion, Aatrox, Rumble, Rengar, Teemo, CassiopeiaRek'Sai, Pantheon
Support: Morgana, BrandTaric, Nami, Blitzcrank, Zyra, Vel'Koz

Tier 1 Rising: Blitzcrank (Support), Cassiopeia (Top), Evelynn (Jungle), Fiddlesticks (Jungle), Graves (ADC), Hecarim (Jungle), Katarina (Mid), Nasus (Top), Nidalee (Jungle), Rek'Sai (Jungle), Renekton (Top), Shaco (Jungle), Swain (Top), Teemo (Top), Tryndamere (Top), Warwick (Jungle), Wukong (Jungle)
Tier 1 Falling: Cho'Gath, Swain (Top)

Tier 2 [Viable/Balanced Choices]:
Mid-Lane: Orianna, Zed, Mordekaiser, Kog'maw (AP), Xerath, Fizz, Lulu (AP), Kayle, Nidalee, Galio, Leblanc, Pantheon, Lux, Zyra, Viktor, Lissandra, Varus, Karma
Jungle: Pantheon, Nautilus, Vi, Rengar, Lee Sin, Udyr, Fizz, Cho'Gath, Skarner, Diana, Kha'Zix, Jarvan IV, Nocturne, Poppy, Irelia, Kayle, Master Yi, Trundle
AD Carry: Corki, Miss Fortune, Caitlyn, Varus, Quinn, Ezreal, Lucian
Top Lane: Kennen, Singed, Darius, Diana, Gnar, Xin Zhao, Morgana, Maokai, Garen, Lissandra, Malzahar, Nidalee, Jarvan IV, Gangplank, Lulu, Jax, Volibear, Urgot, Warwick, Poppy, Shen, Zed, Quinn, Trundle, Udyr, Karma, Lee Sin, Jayce, Galio, Kayle, Olaf, Yorick, Viktor, Kha'Zix, Vi
Support: Thresh, Braum, Soraka, Annie, Karma, Alistar, Lulu, Bard, Xerath,

Tier 2 Rising: Bard (Support), Garen (Top), Kog'Maw (Mid), Lulu (Top), Mordekaiser (Mid), Nocturne (Jungle), Quinn (Top), Rengar (Jungle) Varus (Mid)
Tier 2 Falling: Cho'Gath (Jungle), Kayle (Jungle), Lissandra (Top/Mid), Nautilus (Jungle), Shen (Top), Skarner (Jungle), Udyr (Jungle), Xin Zhao (Top), Zyra (Mid)

Tier 3 [Needs Higher Skill/Knowledge Than Usual]:
Mid-Lane: Jayce, Syndra, Fiora, Zilean, Master Yi, Gragas, Jarvan IV, Ezreal (AD), Yasuo, Ryze, Urgot, Ezreal (AP), Sona, Riven, Fiddlesticks, Kha'Zix, Sejuani, Malphite, Tristana, Azir, Kassadin, Akali, Teemo, Veigar, Elise
Jungle: Zac, Rammus, MalphiteOlaf, Nasus, Karthus, Gangplank, Jax, Fiora, Zed, Malzahar, Leona, Elise, Riven, Darius, Shen, Dr. Mundo, Shyvana, Yorick, Garen, Tryndamere, Aatrox, Alistar
AD Carry: Urgot, Twitch, Tristana, Twisted Fate, Kennen
Top Lane: Master Yi, Mordekaiser, Talon, Fizz, Dr. Mundo, Gragas, Zac, Shyvana, Alistar, Yasuo, Leblanc, Vayne, Akali, Nunu, Elise, Taric
Support: Fiddlesticks,  Lux, Gragas, Maokai, Volibear, Kennen, Zilean, Nunu, Kayle, Malphite, Nidalee, Pantheon, Anivia, Teemo, Lee Sin, Gangplank, Veigar

Tier 3 Rising: Fiora (Mid), Mordekaiser (Top),
Tier 3 Falling: Akali (Top/Mid), Dr. Mundo (Top/Jungle), Malphite (Jungle), Nasus (Jungle), Rammus (Jungle), Shen (Jungle), Shyvana (Jungle), Taric (Top), Teemo (Mid), Zac (Jungle)

Tier 4 [Low Benefits for Effort Used]:
Mid-Lane: Soraka, Janna
Jungle: Yasuo
AD Carry
Top Lane: Ryze, Kassadin, Azir, Rammus, Soraka
Support: Orianna, Poppy, Elise, Galio, Syndra, Shen, Yorick, Lissandra, Ashe, Leblanc

Tier 4 Rising:
Tier 4 Falling: Rammus (Top), Ryze (Top)

Instructions and Caveats:

  • Champions in BOLD I will talk about shortly
  • Champions UNDERLINED may be over/undervalued, but aren't/haven't played enough for me to make a better judgement.
  • Within each tier the champions are strongest from left to right, but within a tier each champion's strength is relatively close. This is especially true for Tiers 2 and 3 where these champions are ALL highly playable and player dependent on how strong they are in-game.
  • This tier list takes data from ALL players; however, since the majority of players fall in the first three tiers, the majority of data points will come from there.
  • Win Rates are important in analyzing each champion's strength, but are not the end-all criteria for any champion's position.
  • The creator of this list is diamond, so there may be some personal bias towards higher tier play on certain champions.

Champion Explanations

  • Akali [Tier 3 Top] - Akali's changes were originally meant to be a buff, but unfortunately, against an aggressive laning opponent, they tend to be more of a nerf as her ultimate now puts her behind her target and makes it difficult to quickly chain Q procs.
  • Cassiopeia [Tier 1 Top] - With so many melee making their way back onto the top lane scene with the advent of the new black cleaver, Cassiopeia is gaining power as an extremely effective level 1-3 lane bully.
  • Garen [Tier 2 Top] - Black cleaver's synergy on Garen is extremely potent and I wouldn't be surprised to see a strong surge in his success and popularity, especially considering he's an excellent counter to Riven (the most popular top lane champion on the rift at the moment).
  • Hecarim [God Tier Top] - Despite nerfs to Hecarim's laning ability, I think that he's still extremely strong top lane. He doesn't synergize very well with Black Cleaver, but his TP ganks are still unparalleled at level 6. 
  • Irelia [God Tier Top] - Trading better than nearly everyone else, Irelia is coming back into the mix, doing absurdly well against the people that haven't quite caught on and still like running no flash against her.
  • Quinn [Tier 2 Top] - An ever popular lane bully, she does excellently against Riven. Her blind/range allow her to effectively trade against almost everyone in the game in a 1v1 scenario early to mid game.
  • Renekton [Tier 1 Top] - The latest buffs on Renekton coupled with the advent of Black Cleaver's new stats have made Renekton very strong. He's definitely going to be back as a staple top laner soon.
  • Shyvana [Tier 3 Top] - Shvyana has effectively been taken off the radar as a good top laner. However, you'll definitely see a lot of people try to play her, even running smite + TP to live for the glory days.
  • Teemo [Tier 1 Top] - Similar to Quinn, Teemo's starting to see success again, especially since he does well against champions like Renekton and Garen, sporting a 60% win rate against both.
  • Tryndamere [Tier 1 Top] - An early cheesing master, Tryndamere does excellently early game in all-ins. This performs especially well against mid-game sustain champions with weak early games, like Cho'Gath and Vladimir. Additionally, with his split push strategy he's able to limit many AOE top laners to staying top, resulting in a huge overall damage reduction for the enemy team.
  • Annie [Tier 2 Support] - The nerf on her auto attack range looks like it hit her supporting power much more than her mid lane power. As a mid laner, her major benefit is still mostly in her insane burst damage, but now that her support harass has been reduced, so has her potential early game gold gain through her blue item.
  • Bard [Tier 2 Support] - Now that Bard received a few buffs and people are getting used to him, I think he's about balanced and sports a fairly average win rate at the moment.
  • Nautilus [God Tier Support] - His trading power, peel, initiation, and free stats are extremely high at the moment, and I think he is well deserving of his God Tier status. His hook hitbox is absurdly large, and his potential CC with this passive is also very strong.
  • Ashe [God Tier ADC] - Ashe's latest rework is very beneficial to her. I think she's already been strong for the last few patches, but the streamlining of her abilities has made using her much more fluid.
  • Graves [Tier 1 ADC] - The power of the marksmen below God Tier have always been fairly deterministic upon how well they match up to the God Tier marksmen. Graves is definitely weaker after his nerfs from last patch, but it's true that he's still definitely a viable ADC, and likely slightly above average at that.
  • Kalista [Tier 1 ADC] - The slight nerf on her bonus distance definitely reduces her survival abilities, but she's still fairly strong in the current meta, especially with so many more melee on the rift to hunt and so many black cleavers to boost her damage.
  • Cho'Gath [Tier 1 Mid] - Bumping Cho back down to Tier 1, although he's definitely very strong mid lane and simple to use, the fact of the matter is that he still has difficulty carrying without a decent team around him.
  • Katarina [Tier 1 Mid] - With nerfs all around the rift and an extremely strong synergy with Luden's Echo, Katarina's back and stronger than ever. Her resets are still absurdly good to create comeback situations, and snowballs extremely hard with the extra burst from Luden's.
  • Mordekaiser [Tier 2 Mid] - Mordekaiser is yet another champion that does extremely well with a Luden's Echo on hand. His waveclear was always very good, and with the extra burst from Luden's, he's able to clear his lane and some jungle camps on the side with ease. This allows him to farm quickly and gain a strong advantage. He's also very good against squishy, immobile mid laners, which we're also seeing a revival in.
  • Varus [Tier 2 Mid] - You've all no doubt seen the insane spike in mid lane Varus' win rate this patch, but before you get too excited I have to point out the extremely low play rate on him at the moment. That being said, I think he's still very good for the damage he puts out and his cheesy poke ability.
  • Fiddlesticks [Tier 1 Jungle] - With nerfs on Cinderhulk, it's back to the beginning of the season where sustain junglers are back at the top of the food chain. Fiddlesticks jungles extremely efficiently in the Season 5 jungle, and has only been held back by the outrageously unkillable, high damage, Cinderhulk junglers. However, with the latest sizable nerfs on Cinderhulk, his damage is comparatively much better now.
  • Hecarim [Tier 1 Jungle] - The tweak to Hecarim's laning strength conversion to jungle strength is definitely helping him in the thickets, and we'll likely be seeing a slow shift for him back into the jungle if this is the direction Riot plans on steering this horse.
  • Malphite [Tier 3 Jungle] - With nerfs on Cinderhulk, Malphite jungle is much more ignorable in teamfights now. Despite the buff on the damage to monsters, junglers still tend to end up with less items than laners since a lot of their value goes into their jungle item. That being said, he's now a bit lacking compared to other junglers, especially with his laughably low early game pressure.
  • Nidalee [Tier 1 Jungle] - Nidalee's back in action with nerfs on Cinderhulk. With her abursdly potent invading power at level 2, she can safely wreck havoc on pretty much any jungler. This combined with the fact that she can just jump back over a wall to safety without even burning flash means that your jungler is effectively on his own during that early invade. If you help him, you'll likely just fall behind in lane and still won't be able to catch her. By setting up strong early game pressure, she's able to snowball quickly. This combined with the late game nerf on Cinderhulk means that she's effectively buffed.
  • Shaco [Tier 1 Jungle] - Similar to Nidalee but more lane gank oriented, early game snowball junglers have a much better time with the nerfs to Cinderhulk scaling into late game. As far as early game snowball junglers are concerned, Shaco is king, prince, and jester.
  • Warwick [Tier 1 Jungle] - Similar to Fiddlesticks, sustain junglers are seeing a comeback with nerfs to Cinderhulk. This being said, tanky junglers are still very popular in the jungle, and Warwick's natural blade of the ruined king build works extremely well against them.


    • The purpose of this list is for discussion and to provide a starting point for champion selection.

    Agree? Disagree? Comment below!

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    1. Is it really a nerf for Akali?

    2. Dark Shadow MXMay 18, 2015

      imho I disagree with Akali's changes being nerfs. Akali main here (not too pro, but yeah) and I love the changes.

    3. Emmanuel MunozMay 18, 2015

      Why did ryze top fall soo much?

    4. Jim PaponettiMay 18, 2015

      the champ is just terrible right now either way and I dodge everytime i get one on my team

    5. Rei TokidoMay 18, 2015

      imo malphite mid should be tier 2. His dmg and all in burst + teamfight + aoe utility in the form of an attack speed slow. With one to two items (especially with good synergy with ludens echo) he can essentially render the backline of any team useless all with the built in tankyness malphite has. He is essentially a more all in/melee version of cho gath mid. with slightly less ultilty made up by easier to land cc and dmg.

    6. susbun♡May 18, 2015

      riot offically calls it buffs but it actually a nerf......

    7. Affin1tyx294May 18, 2015

      Played 10 games, six of it got carried by Ashe. lol so OP, that rework...

    8. StokeDaddyCMay 18, 2015

      Ashe Support got a buff as well this round.
      Better vision, cheaper Volleys, Passive slow.
      Still nothing to write home about but ashe support is actually pretty effective in the right hands
      That ulti still does wonders in lane.

    9. She's not terrible, she just actually takes skill to play now. I think you should give her a second chance.

    10. I honestly think its just the meta of top lane, she has a really hard time vs. Riven, Hecarim, etc. soo she is low due to that. Once squishy top laners come back like Fiora, she will have a much better time. In mid lane though, she should be moved up a little as she gained a little more damage.

    11. Dark Shadow MXMay 18, 2015

      Oh, I don't really like her top lane, I was speaking about mid lane, where there are likely to be more squishies for an assasin.

    12. koolaidfromthehoodMay 18, 2015

      woah rammus tho

    13. koolaidfromthehoodMay 18, 2015

      kind of "technical" error: in the tier 1 section of falling, it says amumu on there, yet it says that amumu is still god tier

    14. koolaidfromthehoodMay 19, 2015

      First it was urgot, now its ryze

    15. koolaidfromthehoodMay 19, 2015

      so many top laners can just domitate lane against him

    16. SSJSuntasticMay 19, 2015

      True, good catch!

    17. Tibor BurdetteMay 19, 2015

      Seriously, either you misclicked something or your ideas of buffs and nerfs (at least for Akali) are seriously out of order. Her E (crescent slash) had its ap scaling increased from .3 ap to .4 ap, and had its cooldown reduced from 7-6-5-4-3 to 5-4-3-2-1 seconds. Her ult was also made to better chase enemies. I really don't understand how this could possibly in any way be a nerf.

    18. Also, on another note, would you add me on League of Legends? I would be honored :)

    19. SSJSuntasticMay 19, 2015

      Riot meant for it to be an overall nerf, but because of the way that her ultimate places her it's a overall nerf. If enemies are running straight at her and keep going forward, she can't proc her Q, even if they don't have boots.

    20. Yukari YakumoMay 19, 2015

      Why Zyra was moved down? She is so strong in this meta.

    21. Eli NemetzMay 19, 2015

      Honestly, I also find your classification of an obvious buff as a nerf a bit puzzling. While what you describe may happen occasionally (in theory), this is hardly a logically plausible situation. If they are going straight at Akali consistently, they are chasing her -- why, in this case, would she want to gapclose? Those additional 150-250 units definitely do help a ton when the Akali player is the one chasing/trying to escape with R. In a teamfight, the buff does not help, but it sure as hell doesn't hurt as well. I'm not theorizing here, Akali is my main (higher platinum elo, which surely is no challenger, but also no bronze, if you get my drift) -- and my overall impression is her R has become more convenient and makes her more mobile now. Can it backfire by putting you in a disdvantageous position (in tower's range, for instance)? Of course it can. But that's surely not a reason to claim a mobility buff is actually a nerf :)
      PS: The buff her E received is very significant. To my dismay, you don't even mention it. Should I suppose your estimate is that her R pseudo-nerf outweighs it completely? I really like your analytical notes as a rule, it's just that this time I have an impression you didn't play a 5.9 Akali, relying on someone else's opinion instead. No offense meant.

    22. Tonight, we Hunt!May 19, 2015

      Here is my Kat guide for people who are new to Silver. When you play kat, just imagine you are a challenger playing just having some fun stomping people. By having this mentality, it has really helped. Might even work for other champs too. One big thing in Silver is showing who's boss. If you are winning in lane, most likely your opponent will tilt and give up. I was a kat going against a garen last night and I killed him twice pre--6, he just gave up and flash ulted me at full health. Good luck :)

    23. Gabriel RengifoMay 19, 2015

      Why is Skarner always placed so low? I've been playing him a lot since the rework and I find him to be incredibly strong. He is a good tank with very high damage, and the "Pick someone and bring them into your team" ultimate is brutal. I play him even on the top lane, where I win about every match up, but Irelia, that can pierce over anything.

      I think you should give a bit more of credit to the scorpion.

    24. SexyJack5519May 19, 2015

      Cho'Gath doesn't have a weak early game, at all.....

    25. Tonight, we Hunt!May 19, 2015

      Also another tidbit, I love Udyr in the jg. But I find his lack of teamfight relevance a bit of a downer... Perhaps Tier 2 since he requires you do some uncanny strategies like splitpush and not teamfight

    26. SSJSuntasticMay 19, 2015

      I actually haven't played Akali since the changes, so you may very well be correct. Her win rate is actually indeed slightly higher this patch now that I look at it (by a small fraction). Here's the video that I based my decision on when it comes to the change on her R, which seems to be awfully annoying, but it may vary in actual gameplay: https://youtu.be/qBpgQyKx5NY

    27. Gabriel RengifoMay 19, 2015

      I find Ryze to be quite a strong pick right now. His mid-late game is pretty decent, just do not pick him into the brutal snowball lanes (Riven, Wukong)

    28. The DoctorMay 19, 2015

      When can we expect buffs for Kassa, Azir and Veigar??

    29. SSJSuntasticMay 19, 2015

      "Early" being levels 1-2, he's fairly squishy if he gets zoned from sustaining off last hits by a fast all-in by someone like Riven or Tryndamere.

    30. Eli NemetzMay 19, 2015

      Yeah, I thought you were relying on that particular video (the 'no boots' bit betrayed you, haha! :)). Being an intelligent person, you surely understand there is a very significant difference between things possible in a 'staged' fight, on one hand, and in a real combat situation, on the other hand. I have yet to see a Teemo that will continue running forward like this when I R him in a ranked game :-D Anyhow, just wanted to bring it to your attention.

    31. Right?! Zilean too

    32. Nocturne is getting countless amounts of buffs and love, how come he is just stunned at tier 3 Jungler though? His winrate has definitly increased?

    33. KingoftheSocksMay 19, 2015

      Well I mean despite other more prominent akali mains coming out and saying that her new r is useless as it puts her out of aa range, but since the e nerf it means that e is near useless in fights as it doesn't do great damage and takes up a lot of energy, so there's little reason to spam it in s fight as you'd go oom (ooe I guess) very quickly

    34. Yeah... katarina just always comes back. still decent, especially if you dont stomp her a lil in early game. and she can rack up kills lata.

    35. Yup top skarna is annoying hahahaha if you face him. botrk skarner top r4pist.

      I agree that skarner is aight. But he is in tier 2 jungle?? thats very good.

    36. zilean was buffed I think? recently. he is pretty good I think. buff in 5.8 maybe im not sure

    37. SchoonShadyMay 19, 2015

      The fact that Poppy, Nasus, and Irelia jungle are all a full tier over jungle mainstays like Rengar and Nocturne should tell you something about the accuracy of this tier list.

    38. Hahahaha :)

    39. Monsieur FeedertonMay 19, 2015


    40. Romao SabandarMay 19, 2015

      Same with LB & Zed, the roaming abilities of these Champs are just almost too hard 2 control.

    41. Xin is definitely God Tier now for Jungle and Top with his latest buff. He's so strong now, I see him getting nerfed as soon as next patch.

    42. Romao SabandarMay 19, 2015

      My thoughts exactly! Started using him when Vi was banned pretty every game. His early to mid game ganks are like 90% kills/summoners burned.

      Also late game his is pretty much an unkillable tank.

      The only downside compared to the "meta" junglers is that his gank paths are pretty predictable. His "W" somewhats compensate for this. Also his slow & inbuilt stun is pretty much like Braum.

      Lately I've been playin Duo Q with a friend of mine who mains Nautilus.

      Believe me Sir....that's what you call a front line.

    43. All 3 are better from what I have been seeing on the rift. They contribute so much more to teamfights than Ren or Noc.

    44. All 3 are pretty strong now. Veiger will comeback with his latest buff.

    45. Romao SabandarMay 19, 2015

      I agree and disagree on Rengar. He is certainly a very very strong champ IF used correctly.

      IMO the gap between maining & mastering Rengar is very large. Starting from unpredictable jungle pathing to ganks/pick offs on places the enemy doesn't expect.

    46. Quinn has the highest winning percentage for top right now but is rated Tier 3. ROFL, she destroys any of the other God Tier champs.

    47. Yup =O!! I guess quinn stronK

    48. Romao SabandarMay 19, 2015

      You certainly have a point if you play a lane, just try to be aggressive and don't be afraid to trade.

      I think the most important about pretty much any champ and especially all-in champs like Annie/Katarina/Ahri/Akali (love them A's) is knowing your own damage output (& your lane partner if your bot).

      If you know what you can and can't do it's very easy to play mind games with your lane opponent. I used to play a lot of Ahri & Annie ,controlling your minion wave and also knowing when to harass when it's favorable. IMO it's better to get a hit and get 3 CS then the other way around.

      This is especially true if you're playing an Annie or Katarina (insane mana sustain due to your Q & Kata ofc because no mana at all) if the trades/CS go even you know when to all in to get either a kill or burn the opponents summoners.

    49. Romao SabandarMay 19, 2015

      She is certainly very very good in lane, and can easily turn ganks around. I guess the reason why she is lower she doesn't really offer good protection for the carries.

    50. RhinoViru5May 19, 2015

      What do you think of nasus jungle? I've played it a few times and seems really op. He gets really tanky with cinder hulk, his wither ganks are great (especially in the long lanes), and you can still get a respectable amount of q stacks in the jungle.

    51. james gordonMay 19, 2015

      hey by saying teemo has a 60percent winrate vs renekton and garen, how do you find this data? would like to see the win rates for other pairs too!

    52. ahaha zed and le blanc tier 2 midlaner but wukong tier 1, guys PLEASE put your weed away and start playing some league matches.

    53. King of the EndMay 19, 2015

      Since jungle Warwick is making somewhat of a comeback anyone have any suggestions on what jungle item and enchant to build on him considering both skirmisher's and cinderhulk which he can make good use of got nerfed?

    54. Romao SabandarMay 19, 2015

      Mennnn the more I think I about it, the more it makes sense. His level 2 ganks would most likely burn summoners or even a kill.

      I'm guessing you're running Ghost & Flash?

    55. ConfusedTeemoMay 19, 2015

      Devourer if you look at the enemy team then yours and decide not to gank much. If not I would go cinder

    56. Drew FergusonMay 19, 2015

      I actually agree with this to an extent. I do think low elo is boosting Zed winrate because they don't know what to so against him. Good players do. Go see how many times Zed is in a featured game. As for Leblanc she's often too difficult for low level players much in the same way as Lee Sin. HOWEVER I do feel Leblanc still belongs in tier 1 if only bc she can carry so hard, roam, and snowball everything for her team.

    57. LYarbrouMay 19, 2015

      So with the advent of the nerfs on cinderhulk, do you guys still think the tp/smite is the best option for top laners. Others may not agree in its strength before (I personally only used it on Hecarim and Shyvana) but I personally found great success with it on Hecarim. I lost a little of my early game bullying power with ignite, but I felt I had more pressure on the top side of the map with my counter jungling and objective control (Drag and Baron). I even made the enemy jungler rage quit (several in ranked) because of my superior warding of the enemy jungle and the invades/ counter jungling that would result of it. I understand the only reason I did it was because it was FOTM, but it did translate to success when done properly. But now that cinderhulk is nerfed I have went back to the tp/ignite thing.

      tl;dr cinderhulk nerfed, i used to tp/smite on hec and found really great personal success. after cinderhulk nerfs i go the tp/ignite option now since it seems more efficient and viable now. Of the 2 options, which do you guys think is generally more effective and why (taking in account the nerfs and shifting meta)

    58. LYarbrouMay 19, 2015

      Not trying to hate on the list or anything (I kinda worship its new releases :D) but I kinda feel Vi and Pantheon are better versions of Wukong (no disrespect to Wu, I play him mid and top) in the jungle. Pantheon's early game kill pressure is super high and Vi is still banned a lot in SoloQ and also has really strong early/mid game pressure. What do you guys think?

    59. disisdeathwingMay 19, 2015

      weedwick is still bad, i hate junglers with no kill pressure pre six.
      and its not like after six its going to be better than a sej ult.
      anyways devourer if your team is good, devourer if your team is bad.
      you'll still what you do anyways, and tankwick is really bad.

    60. disisdeathwingMay 19, 2015

      if he cant farm stacks,it sucks.
      those ganks are nice, but people will simply flash or dash away.

    61. disisdeathwingMay 19, 2015

      it should be higher than nasus.
      to every nasus player, dont play him jungle, like ever.

    62. disisdeathwingMay 19, 2015

      and to some extent, i agree.
      to me, any junglers without kill pressure pre six is bad.
      wukong is kinda in the mid point, he can gank pre six, but its not that amazing without follow up cc, something that can be missed if it is a skillshot or team mate cant catch up
      vi and panth, these two will wreck you with just their early damage, so with your laners damage, guaranteed first blood or kill.

    63. disisdeathwingMay 19, 2015

      quit copying pros blindly.
      the amount of people i see failing at these champs.
      your one of them, i guess?

    64. disisdeathwingMay 19, 2015

      shes not that bad to lane with, i prefer this bird over vayne as nasus all day long.

    65. disisdeathwingMay 19, 2015

      now nocturne is one of those guys that can get away without ganking early, because of that ult, a well played nocturne can f ur entire team up

    66. Damien FiengMay 19, 2015

      what about elise ? :'( bring her back plz....

    67. disisdeathwingMay 19, 2015

      she is sleeping, shhhhhh.

    68. disisdeathwingMay 19, 2015

      feel like ashe still suffers from the no escape syndrome.
      like i can seriously run straight at her with nasus, and that is saying alot( no mobility champ)
      then again the big arrow can destroy your team, like her melee counter part(hello sej)

    69. Grigorios T.May 19, 2015

      People forget this list is taking into account how easy a champion is. Think of this list as a tier list of champions when played by mediocre players. An average Katarina or Ahri, or even midlane Wukong is way more useful than a mediocre LeBlanc or Zed. Also keep in mind the list takes into account more data from the 3 lowest tiers.

      Although I, too, think that Leblanc is so strong right now even bad players get good results with her, and she's worthy of low tier 1. Zed, however, is perfectly fine right there. Don't forget his horrible teamfighting (unless he's fed). And in low elos, splitpushing is really hard to work cause the team will be stupid enough to take all the 4v5 fights.

    70. disisdeathwingMay 19, 2015

      no moa to smite
      looks at shyv
      yup no more

    71. Grigorios T.May 19, 2015

      IMO she's insanely strong but also very hard... Her base damage is insanely high, she can outplay with Rappel, she brings utility to her team with her poke and stun, she has good sustain with her w, and so much more... Plus noone plays her. Took me two weeks but now I practically can't lose with her unless i fuck up multiple times early...
      The build I use is: Blue smite-Cinderhulk, ROA if I can finish it by 17 minutes (It sounds weird but it gives 800 health, solves mana problems and the AP isn't bad), Sorcs, Haunting guise (Liandry's last, usually), then tanky items depending on what I need... usually randuin's and visage. Sometimes Locket or Banner (so strong and noone uses it). Maybe an Abyssal scepter. Rarely a zz'rot, only because it's fun.
      Nerf on the Cinderhulk hurt her a bit but the Abyssal changes that are probably coming at 5.11 are gonna give her a huge buff.
      I've found it's best to start w-q-e, max q, then w. Maxing w first can work, but human w deals more damage later, when you have all your AP, so it's better second. Her main disadvantage is she really needs blue, otherwise the sustain from her w goes wasted.
      I suggest you start playing her, she's got nothing but buffs (unimportant ones tho) lately and she's grown strong off the radar. She needs a lot of practise but he's a solid pick if you're good with her. If you want anything, like combos, tips,paths, how to clear, etc, just ask.

    72. ConfusedTeemoMay 19, 2015

      While you might find it boring a lot of meta junglers are bad early. Rek and Gragas are the only ones with good early game. While I don't agree with you on only every go devourer you are right about tankwick. Bruiser is where it's at. Devourer build: challenging smite devourer (get the smite of your preference), boots, botrk, frozen heart, visage, warmogs. Cinderbuild: cinderhulk, botrk, frozen hear, wits end, visage. Don't have to build in those orders of course b uh t those should work well for you

    73. Yeah. Wukong good ganks man... wuKing great ganks pre level 6 but needs following up CC preferrably and stuff like that. And if the ganked laner is squishy, wukong can almost kill him/her. wukong does good amount of dmg and I prefer playing him as sort of assassin.

    74. Noob :D doesnt know

    75. PolygoneMay 19, 2015

      Akali top I can understand her changes being a nerf, but mid 100% a buff!?!
      She sticks to champs even more than before and the AP ratio on her E has been buffed an extra 0.1, my win rate as her mid as increased since the changes

    76. Romao SabandarMay 19, 2015

      Yes and no again xD

      His wither is just and click and point spell where Rengar his (e)bola is a skillshot. I guess also that the list keeps track of the skillcap of the champs.

      I do agree that Poppy and Irelia should be lower then Rengar, pure because they are so item dependant.

    77. ConfusedTeemoMay 19, 2015

      For all of the people who have decided to bash this list this morning I will say this:

      I have gone from b3 at the end of last season to g3 now in about 250 games and a HUGE part of that has been these tier lists. Pick a main lane, trust the list, pick 4 or 5 champs from t1/god tier to master and enjoy the climb. It works!!!

    78. Grigorios T.May 19, 2015

      Just remember to only build ROA if you can finish it early.
      Try to 1v1 these champions, fight when your spider w is up, kite around when it isn't. Midgame if Elise isn't behind she can 1v1 everyone she can kite more than they can kite her. Αnd rappeling sejuani's ulti is sooo satisfying.
      I honestly hope she isn't buffed out of tier 3, so that I can keep playing her against people who don't know her. However as we shift out of the tank meta she may fall off...

    79. Eli NemetzMay 19, 2015

      I believe I have more than enough practical experience with Akali both before and after 5.9 to come to my own conclusions instead of blindly relying on 'more prominent Akali mains', thank you. These conclusions are: (1) Her E is numerically very strong now, much stronger than pre-5.9. Calling it useless is just not very smart. (2) Her R is definitely more convenient now -- there are positioning problems sometimes, and this change is not as clear-cut as her E buff, that's true, but calling it a nerf is very far-fetched. (3) My personal performance with her is stronger now than pre-5.9 (which is consistent with a statistically higher Akali winrates after 5.9 changes).

    80. Armedbullster159May 19, 2015

      @SSJSuntastic while its true cinderhulk got a nerf, it was literally the slightest of nerfs on the offensive part of it while its defensive aspects are still on tact and extremely powerful. Honestly and ive heard it from other pros and castors, cinderhulk is still the top tier jungle item and for it to become less effective is for riot to nerf its bonus % health. Honestly i still think gragas, sejuani, reksai are heads and tails above everyone else atm.

    81. wow, again you. Every adc can´t have escape. That´s the point of this game. You pick ashe, you have insane CC, you pick tristana/kalista and you have nice escape. Again just pointless imo, but w/e, don ´t wanna ruin your life :D #nohate

    82. I Hate EzrealMay 19, 2015

      nidalee jungle,the cancer is back

    83. Tom AlbersMay 19, 2015

      olaf didnt move up?

    84. I really like the jungle changes. Seems far more balanced now.

    85. Next thing ya know, devourer is getting buffed, yi time baby

    86. ConfusedTeemoMay 19, 2015

      Wouldn't be surprised if it was warrior/magus. Devourer had it's day and rito decided they didn't like Warwick ult doing 3/4 of someone's health

    87. B4ckslashMay 19, 2015

      Not only Rito dislikes that.... The marksmen union of the rift considers a strike should warwick ever get that strong again.

    88. ConfusedTeemoMay 19, 2015

      I don't think anyone but Warwick mains want that to happen again

    89. The DoctorMay 19, 2015



      I think :D

    90. The DoctorMay 19, 2015

      And Azir..? Love for the birb..?

    91. The DoctorMay 19, 2015

      Wait... how did DR Mundo Jungle fall in one patch from T1 to T3??

    92. AronguejoMay 19, 2015

      You're right, but, the biggest advantage of the cinderhulk was making a Tank champion to a Damage/Tank champion, this in sejuani and gragas who can stay near the enemy team, doing damage, with some cc coupled with a follow-up from the team, makes the cinderhulk a God...
      Now, his damage is nerfed, so those champions are just tank champions again with cc... They still doing pretty good, but it opened a new net of champions to come...

      P.S.: Sorry for my terrible english xD hope you can understand it

    93. AronguejoMay 19, 2015

      I agree, but i've made my way from b5 to silver4 by spamming Tristana in 1 month... The list is reall good, but not a master guide line

    94. HansWurstMay 19, 2015

      Your opinion about Singed? Should i buy him?

    95. ConfusedTeemoMay 19, 2015

      You are right and I would direct you to the disclaimer on every release. It is always best to play who your are best with though ad long as they aren't in the dirt.

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    98. xXMetalMasterXxMay 19, 2015

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    99. xXMetalMasterXxMay 19, 2015

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      enjoy and happy gaming!!

    100. TheTenehuiniMay 19, 2015

      Tier 3 [Needs Higher Skill/Knowledge Than Usual] Support: Lee Sin.

      vvvvvvvvortic pls.

    101. I think fiora would be a good pick for tier 1 mid also, really high damage and can get kills easily with ignite at level 3 or 2 depending on what skills you invest in. She can also counter alot of ults with hers (for example Katrina's or Zed's).
      Once you build her right you have a very high chance to win the game. Even played her bot (as supportish) twice and completely wreked cause even though I have no cc, i completely outdamaged them with vayne and forcing them back to base or getting a kill. Though it may be because they just don't know what to do.

      Well that's just my experience and opinion

    102. I Hate EzrealMay 19, 2015

      he's one of the most unique and funniest champion in the game but as that it doesn't matter how good you were with another top laner but initially you will struggle with him because of his unique playstyle.
      If you want to invest time learning proxy farming and trolling he's the champ for you but if you just want to climb other champs just works better

    103. I Hate EzrealMay 19, 2015

      cinderhulk was the only thing making him a good jungler and now it's nerfed he's no more the powerhouse he was

    104. I Hate EzrealMay 19, 2015

      no,riot nerfed devourer because it was stupid to do nothing for 20 minute and then stomping everything because you farmed,if you want to hypercarry with devourer now you have to be a bit more active and doing nothing won't help you

    105. I Hate EzrealMay 19, 2015

      ...and people is still crying for tier 2 zed ._.

    106. ZombieDubzMay 19, 2015

      I have a feeling that Fiora mid would find herself 2v1 more often then not, either from the jungler camping or the other lanes making a concerted effort to put her as far behind as possible. She also is at her best when shes able to roam, which in my experience, mid is harder to keep pushed out off towers because of how short it is

      I do somewhat agree with you though. She could do well in most lanes or roles from time to time ie your support fiora.

      Alot like when i faced a rengar support for the first time, the utter confusion about whats happening as its happening and the lack of an immediate solution, is more the cause of any success you find with these odd champ choices. Not so much their viability in said role long term.

      Its leagues version of "the trick play" other sports have, only good to pull out once or twice a season lol

    107. Ricky T.May 19, 2015

      I don't know unlike sejuani and other tanks like Zac, gragas has effective damage without cinderhulk and the nerfs didnt hurt him very much.

    108. I Hate EzrealMay 19, 2015

      on paper fiora mid looks like a good idea and i can't find considerable weakness that makes her inferior than every other ad assassin mid:
      -she can splitpush effectively like zed and talon
      -she can't poke but neither wukong or talon can
      -she can be camped but even wukong and talon got not too good escape
      -she has got enough damage for assassinate
      -she loses nothing for building full ad thanks to her ultimate
      -she has got sustain
      -she can parry an autoattack
      -she can roam effectively because of her stickness
      -she has got multikill potential
      yeah i can't find a considerable weakness,that's probably because i never tried her in mid so probably she is low because i'm not able to recognise her main weakness or because she's a trollpick and no one likes trollpicks

    109. AronguejoMay 19, 2015

      Yeah... His damage output is nearly insane without AP...
      Zac doesn't have much damage, he is more about utility..

    110. StillfreeMay 19, 2015

      i totally agree, i think he has reasonable arguments for nearly every other lane but his jungle tier list is not accurate at all

    111. Armedbullster159May 19, 2015

      To be honest cinderhulk still does a good amount of damage. But the most important is that sejuani and gragas both do % max health damage while sejuanis w scales with her % max health. Also with tanks u should always go for the squishies mostly adcs and since its health aspect was unchanged the tanks are still going to be unkillable early to mid game and with the insane base damages ur still gonna destroy adcs regardleas of the aura nerf. I personally think that tanks still completely outshine champs like ww fiddle and nidalee.

    112. I literally just played a mid game agaisnt a teemo and I completely wreked him without much effort. Though he was 3 levels behind because he apparently was afk for the first few minuites, even when he caught up he still couldn't handle me.

      Well he was stupid enough to poke with his dart, which was good because i already built MR so I just wait out the blindness and then jump in and wrek.

      The only downfalls i say is her lack of cc, but she sticks to you so well that it honestly doesn't matter much. If anything maybe a buff to her ulti which slows enemies nearby who get caught in the ultimate by 10% per enemy champ.
      Oh and and her q could be used on an ally, if it is a champ, it auto uses her W (so it's kinda like a protecting skill of sorts) and she can only use it once instead of twice if it is on an ally.

      I think if those 2 where added, she would hit the meta instantly, but also rito's attention, which then she may get nerfed after a while. Cause she would be pretty op tbh.

      But eitherway I still wrek with fiora even without cc's/ escapes, and if i really need them, i can always buy some items like frozen mallet or something, but as I said before, they die so fast cc isn't really needed.

      Dang that was long x.x

    113. Any opinions on the optimal Ashe build? Standard ADC build seems to be good but I've seen a lot of people saying runaan's is OP on her now. Also seen a few Frozen mallets and Wit's ends but those seem a bit gimmicky. I won't even mention the one guy I saw build manamune... (oops)

    114. Ah, you're right about support fiora. Still pretty fun since I normally play solo queue anyway (not much into ranked, i get nervous easily and blame myself alot)

      And also you're right about mid fiora, it takes a conscious effort to make sure to put her down before she gets a kill as she can easily slingshot off of it (at least in my cases). But in solo queue (which this post is based on) you will hardly find that kinda teamwork unless both the jungler and the mid/top laner know how much of a threat she is (which is low since all the popular guys hate her, so not much know how much snowball potential she has).

      Actually, even if I fall behind, if I get a timat/hydra it is very easy to catch back up since farming is a breeze. Also if I could roam just a bit and get a few kills or even assists, its all good. And she still does decent all game even without being fed.

      I really need to cut down on my paragraphs lol

    115. my favorite build on her is Mid ashe ghost flash with a muramana and runaans

    116. B4ckslashMay 19, 2015

      Who the hell mains warwick? Honestly? xD

    117. wukong onlyMay 19, 2015

      wukong is a lot more effective in solo queu than zed or leblanc, mostly due to ease of play. And idk, you should probably play some league, because i can tell by the fact that wukong is the first mid laner you've attacked that you haven't tried wukong mid. Try it and you will immediately see why he is better than zed and lb, only thing keeping wukong from god tier is the fact that noone plays him mid, but mid is effectively his best role, he also has an extremely high win rate in mid.

    118. B4ckslashMay 19, 2015

      Highly doubt Ghost+Flash in the jungle simply because literally every champion in the jungle needs some form of sustain, and without smite there's no hunter's machete, and thus barely any sustain. With these summoners he might be able to get to wolves and then die there^^

    119. Aldo TorresMay 19, 2015

      i desurv chalenjour plx

    120. (bad english)

      Bronze 3 to Gold 2 in two months spamming udyr tiger at the jungle, bronze-silver players CAN'T escape from him.

    121. Aldo TorresMay 19, 2015

      i think it's because if she lands always in the back of the enemy is easier to stunt/silence/root/knock up/ whatever her and end in a bad position bettween the rival and the tower or enemy jungler
      just my opinion.

    122. I am not that great as a player, but can count pretty well. It appears to me that IE is in fact better on her than on any other champ. Other people's thoughts on this?

    123. Davud KilicMay 19, 2015

      In My opinion Fizz should be Tier 1 Mid. Shes still very strong AP. I've seen her in a lot of previous games and she Always carried.

    124. decimatorzeusMay 19, 2015

      Considering fiora being weak to cc, mid lane has very popular cc champs. thats why nobody plays her mid

    125. Puddleglum567 .May 19, 2015

      Almost all squishy midlaners are weak to cc

    126. Ziggs, the Hexplosives ExpertMay 19, 2015


    127. Puddleglum567 .May 19, 2015

      Yo SSJ get Vlad into god tier mid lane pls. He chunks squishy opponents and after you get a hex tech you can sustain more than they can hurt you. He's balls easy as his main damage is a targeted ability, and his second main damage finds the target for you. Can't get easier than that. He has super fast wave clear, a great escape and amazing teamfight. As long as you don't do anything stupid early, even if that means giving up cs, you have the potential to carry the game. Also, in bronze games people don't know how to end games so late game almost always happens unless there's a ff at 20, and Vlad is even better late game. He's probably the easiest, most broken champ low Elo aside from godmumu and jungle urgot.

    128. Akali was completely buffed,lol. Even if will think the ult is worst, she get a full buff on her E

    129. BoltOfSpadesMay 19, 2015

      Someone has set up us the bomb.

    130. Is now a gd time to start playing Shaco ?

    131. DivideByInfinityMay 19, 2015

      But the buff wasn't that great though.

    132. BladesOrFlamesMay 19, 2015

      This is what i build seems op to me. infinity edge, ruaans, black cleaver, greaves with furor enchant, Bt, and phantom. They can't run away

    133. Nicolas CageMay 19, 2015

      Sure, her E was completely buffed.

      Her R is significantly worse now to the point where the changes weren't good for her at all. Akali is much weaker after this patch.

    134. I don't think the R is worst. I don't think that this is a big difference and sometimes is even better

    135. Dark Shadow MXMay 19, 2015

      >in bronze games

    136. Kold War ScorpionMay 19, 2015

      Not sure that ap tag is needed on lulu mid unless ad lulu is a thing

    137. Brandon PursifullMay 19, 2015

      wait, was ryze lowered? his nerf was bug fix and he is still extremely strong to anyone who understands his new passive. Interesting enough, they are actually buffing his Q damage most likely next patch as well.

    138. I'm only level 23 so I don't know ALOT about champs, but I haven't seen any mid-laner really cc me hard enough to out trade in most cases. The hardest matchup for me so far was twisted fate cause of his gold card stun made it easy for him to trade.

      In the end though I still out damaged him after he used his gold card. Though he did get around 2 kills on me because I underestimated him.

      What other champs should I look out for to play more passively against until I have an opportunity?

    139. ⓁⒺⒶ 頹May 19, 2015

      Why vayne tier 1 and not god tier? in tank - offtanks meta game

    140. The JokerMay 19, 2015

      This is it boys..this is my chance to shine! 90 games with Shaco and stopped maining him ever since cinderhulk buff but now the demon jester is back.

    141. koolaidfromthehoodMay 19, 2015

      opinions on yi top?

    142. XxInfinityxXMay 19, 2015

      It's actually worse. There have been times where i fought a Leblanc and need to auto her with my Q, and she was able to Q me instead because I wasn't in auto range, and unless they are running away, standing still to cat an ability really screws you up.

    143. Kou SkinMay 19, 2015

      So is Evelynn viable now right?

    144. My little pyroMay 19, 2015

      I was so happy to see all of my mains on god tier

      Hec, Wukong, and Jinx ftw

    145. Jester SeraphMay 19, 2015

      For as long as I can remember, Wukong has been in the god tier.

      Praise the monkey Jesus. This is why I main him.

    146. Black Cleaver is pretty awesome with Ashe's Q applying 5 stacks in one attack. If you replaced runaans with last whisper you'd get stupid armor pen even Rammus would be scared

    147. Yeah I've been playing her for a while. She was always viable if you went full AP and snowballed early, just not optimal. Now bruiser AD Evelynn works. Don't know whether I'm happy or sad, I love playing her but hate playing against her XD

    148. No bug fix. Tool tip fix. He's still the same. And I think that any success with Ryze is a result of a player not playing against him properly. Ryze is so incredibly weak level 1 - 2 (He can just throw out 1 Q, or a Q and a W). And post 3, you can just hard trade with him whenever he's low passive stacks. Even with his passive early, you can still win extended trades if you deal consistent damage, as his passive lasts just 3 seconds and his Q does literally nothing at early ranks (awful base damage, awful scaling). I pick tryndamere into him and just spin on him whenever E is up. If he W's, I W and attack move him to turret. Then I sustain. He might be less crap mid though considering the lane is shorter, but he can't exactly trade mid either against a good player.

    149. StokeDaddyCMay 19, 2015

      I am looking at Zephyr right now thinking about adding it early
      I am thinking after IE and phantom dancer
      AD is always good
      AS is paramount with ashe
      a lil extra MS paired with ashe's passive means nobody escapes
      Tenacity is always good
      the CDR is really tempting mostly since it would bring Q up more often, enabling the salvo at least twice every fight.

    150. Actually the devourer nerf did the exact opposite of that. Having 40 on hit magic damage allowed you to pressure early like a normal jungler. The nerf forces you to do nothing but farm for 20 minutes now to have any damage, unless you get some lucky opportunities (Enemies heavily over extending with no escapes, TP ganks with strong laners). It was nerfed purely because of warwick (even though they already took away ~100 base damage off his ult, Skirmisher on hit damage, and nerfed the cooldown of his ult.) I think they need to change skirmisher's sabre. Even with the nerfs to it, it still synergizes with his ultimate so well. But a summoner spell should not be the reason to nerf an item and so many champions who already weren't that strong.

    151. Yeah she fucks pretty much all melee champs. She doesn't bring much to team fights though I think. She has a blind. Though I don't play Quinn, I only know I hate laning against her (Especially since my favorite top laner is Tryndamere)

    152. if atma is up... garen would be god against riven and ire... ;[

    153. Romao SabandarMay 19, 2015

      Sorry I meant Ghost + Smite xD

    154. AcidSkiesMay 19, 2015

      I personally think that for an ADC, even Ashe who can stack BC quickly, Last Whisper is stronger. She doesn't really need the MS that much because her permaslow and Furor boots, and LW gives 35% armor pen while BC is 30% armor reduction. The only time I can see it being clearly better is if your team is very AD heavy and nobody else is building BC. Otherwise I'd say stick with the Whisper and nuke anyone that stands in your way.

    155. AcidSkiesMay 19, 2015

      Dunno about whether or not she's hands-down best user of it, but it's definitely the strongest item she can buy, so close enough maybe?

    156. koolaidfromthehoodMay 19, 2015

      well some people have a hard time playing her

    157. Puddleglum567 .May 19, 2015

      This tier list is low Elo...before going on the internet make sure you can read LOL

    158. Raid Boss MordeMay 19, 2015

      Mordekaiser got moved up? This is new! I still don't really understand, even after reading your explanation. Yes, Luden's did help, but tanks are very strong in this meta, and Mordekaiser struggles against tanks because of their unlimited amounts of CC.

    159. Dark Shadow MXMay 19, 2015

      Yeah... when you do need it (possibly silver/gold/low plat). In bronze, if you're good enough (and I admit, a tiny bit of luck) you can carry with most champs.

    160. Troy LewisMay 19, 2015

      I think you may be drastically underrating Malphite and Cinderhulk. Yes it was nerfed but that realllly hasn't dropped the strength of most of those champs.

      Malphite is Tier 1 at the LEAST. His late game scaling allows him to jungle and still be more effective then even Irellia. And Volibear is still God Tier. His kit is outrageously strong in both 5v5 and 3v3.

      You might want to put a bit more care into your jungle tier lists.

      Not bashing! Keep up the great work!

    161. Malzahar OPMay 20, 2015

      if you arent getting warrior on yi then you are doing it wrong

    162. i disagreed... cinderhulk is not good on every champion like last patch... it became more balanced.. now warror and boktr is killing cinderhulk...

      early malphite as tank is really bad jungler and laner... but teamfight... malphite is pretty item dependent...

      cinderhulk is average on malphite... imbo sunfire cape is much better... because malphite need armor and health... i would recommend to get mage > sunfire cape > abyssal

      volibear is average after nerfed cinderhulk... but still good jungler early to mid...

      i believe this jungle list are normal for up to gold players...

    163. Nicolas CageMay 20, 2015

      This change basically keeps you from being able to finish proccing your Q reliably, which is a major part of Akali's damage. Especially when she opts for a Lich Bane build. It also really weakens her general playstyle since the AD you get from Hextech Gunblade also goes to waste when fighting.

      It can be more useful in some situations, certainly, but in general is worse.

      Her buffs to her E don't really compensate much. Now you can use your E whenever you jump to a target, which helps your consistent damage a bit. But, her E isn't really a significant margin stronger than it used to be (pretty negligible buff to the damage this patch) especially since it doesn't proc the second part of Akali's Q any more (used to a while ago).

    164. Nicolas CageMay 20, 2015

      I'd argue that Malphite is Tier 2 (as a jungler) right now. He probably won't handle the meta changes resulting from 5.9 too well, as SSJ talked about in the original post. But, I don't think he's a ton weaker, and his consistency in dealing with the backline through a fairly robust initiation is nice.

      Volibear was quite strong with Cinderhulk because the damage it offered was enough to supplement his W and R and turn him into a decent damage threat during the mid-game, while building full tank. Volibear falls off quite hard too, and late-game oriented compositions are still very popular. I think his current position in Tier 1 is good enough for now, though there's definitely potential for him to move up or down from there as the meta changes and 5.9 is absorbed.

    165. i began notice that assassin (jungler) and bruiser(top) is really good with black cleaver and ohmwrecker...

      insane gold efficient at early-mid game... too much free stats...

      ohm / bc
      300 + 400 health = 700hp
      40 attack damage
      50 armor
      100% base health regeneration
      10% + 20% cooldown reduction = 30%

      passive... free MS... great diver... anti-kite...

      cost = 2600 + 3000

      really awesome on garen, hec, eve...
      great on rene, vi, sion, darius, trundle, wu...

      with cinderhuilk, and or randium's omen... it becomes very durable tank...

    166. Machine Gun Lulu? Isn't she AD?

    167. Duc QuocMay 20, 2015

      It's time for Garen to carry, dude!

    168. NoxianSpidercrabMay 20, 2015

      I miss atmas as much as I miss SotD.

      And I really miss SotD. Like...a lot.

    169. NoxianSpidercrabMay 20, 2015

      Morde's ult has pretty insane percentage damage. Especially with liandrys. I find him good at melting tanks. He's very durable as well thanks to his passive. Basically a new ryze.

    170. Duc QuocMay 20, 2015

      Her R was meant to be a buff , to help her chase better - when they are running away from her, a jump R will stand right in their way and can AA 2-3 times if they are still on that direction.

      I think the use-case when R is "nerf" is:
      when some opponents don't run away (maybe they are trading and intending to outplay), Akali's R will do damage but may not connect her next AA ; meanwhile the opponent can do some skillshot or range AA; or at least they can jump/gap-closer so they can hit her first or escape.

      Btw, I'm not an Akali main just played her a few times in free weeks so I'm not sure...

    171. Duc QuocMay 20, 2015

      Mordekaiser is usually good against tank as his passive create a shield on the damage dealt percentage. He also has a shield which can deal magic damage AoE for some seconds.
      And usually the tanks does not have much damage and will be more vulnerable to magic dmg then phys dmg. Therefore in a trade Morde would get the upperhand.

      Morde's weakness is probably his mobility so may suffer against range skills and CC, but most tanks are melee and their damage is not high nor bursty.
      Also Morde's R can heal and create another dmg source which can turn the fight around.

      But he was weak in the mobility meta, now that's shifting to tank meta and he got some tweaks I think he can be good after people adapted to his changes. And looks like the win-rate of his is rising.

    172. gh05tpantsMay 20, 2015

      champion.gg is good, they use stats from plat upwards so may not strictly apply to the lower ranks.

    173. Romao SabandarMay 20, 2015

      Really depends on your team comp. If you already have a beefy front line, and your team can hold the enemy team during a 4 v 5 he is an excellent split pusher. He is a bit like Tryndamere.

      I think you should keep in mind during TF's you're an Assassin. So best is to keep splitting, make sure your team keeps warding so in case of a TF you can TP in and flank the backline.


      Excellent split pusher
      Because of his E can easily shred through tanks (especially if he has a LW and/or BotRK).
      Ability to dodge skillshots/CC with Q.
      Can clean up fights like no other.


      Early game weak because of mana issues.
      Very vulnerable for hard CC skills.

    174. gh05tpantsMay 20, 2015

      CDR on Ashe is very strong, enabling repeated W>full Q combos and more importantly bringing her devastating ult into play more often. For this reason I prefer BC over LW, and find Lucidity boots often worthwhile. Her damage is great even without Greaves.

    175. Romao SabandarMay 20, 2015

      He is an extremely strong champ at the moment, and really fits well with the current meta (tanky comps).

      I do prefer him top over mid, just because his early game is so weak. In the midlane (especially in higher elo's) you will get camped because of your late game potential.

      Also to be that hyper carry he needs items, and other midlaners will have earlier/cheaper power spikes f.e. a LeBlanc/Zed/Annie who contribute way more during tf's and/or skirmishes.

      Personally knowing that he is a late game champ and he will try to play safe, it's all about pushing up your lane and roaming - getting other lanes ahead.

      IMO he is kind of like a weaker version of Nasus, extremely strong late game, but also extremely vulnerable to any kind of CC.

    176. Romao SabandarMay 20, 2015

      Well I guess her problem is a reliable escape once you engage. Any jungler will just wait for you to use your Q and then gank you.

      I used to main Fiora and have played her on all lanes, and indeed her damage output is insane. She will have a hard time versus high sustain champs or poke champs f.e. a:

      Le Blanc

      Also the CD of your W is too high to be considered a pro, especially if you're facing an AP mid you will be burning through your mana for no reason.

    177. Romao SabandarMay 20, 2015

      Well I agree with you that not all the ADC's have an escape, with this meta the ADC's with a dodge/escape/blink or highly popular because of the heavy tank engages.

    178. I don't think there is anyone who doesn't have a hard time with donger..
      And maybe I just never had a pro Le blanc, but when I go agaisnt her I just normally play passive till she uses her jumpy spell to either poke or take a minion then I jump in for a while and get out if I can't finish her.

      But also that's why wards are even more imporant on her. Since she has no reliable escape, you have to make sure you spend money on a couple of stealth and a pink ward so you can be confident you don't get ganked while engaging.

      And also if they do buy a zhonya's I don't think it matters that much unless she builds some more armor items to go with it to force me to use my ulti while engaging them. Because normally I don't use my ulti until I tower dive or go all in during laning phase or I want to stick to them before a flash or something.

      By the time they get a zhonya's I could probably burst them down without ulti unless i'm seriously behind.

    179. Romao SabandarMay 20, 2015

      Well it's all about how you play it out vs. example a LB. The moment you jump on me I'll just chain you and AA you and till 6 most likely win most trades. I agree once you get tiamat the sustain will be hard.

      Also you might not be considering the minion agro pre-6. In top lane you will have the side brushes to avoid minion agro, but in mid the moment you go in you will get harassed by your lane opponent and the minions.

      The most important reason I don't really like Fiora atm is because of the tanks, if you get locked down your team automatically loses a carry.

      Considering the fact that she's an all-in champ it's pretty much all or nothing.

      That being said if you do win a single TF, a Fiora will snowball out of control. High risk, high reward.

    180. CejastrikeMay 20, 2015

      Before was the same, you just had to put all that cc on top of you. Akali has been hard buffed, no discusion.

    181. CejastrikeMay 20, 2015

      Actually... nope, not at all. The only significant difference is you need to actually think when to use your R, but when you know it, it's much stronger than before. Your ult know makes you even easier to catch running people and cut their retreat instead of just SMASH 3 TIMES YOUR R TO WIN HUR HUR HUR.

      Really, if you actually know when and how to use it, this has been a MASSIVE buff for Akali.

    182. Casper MarkMay 20, 2015

      Where is leona on top list?

      i'm not even kidding, in both normals and ranked i've been doing really well, slowly wins a lot of popular matchups, especially riven, and earlier jax and renekton. she suffers vs sustain champ like ww, trundle, cho gath but you practicly never see them top. she got aa reset with and stun on top, sheen items makes her a fast turret destroyer.

      also can be built really situational: ninja tabi / merc treads, triforce / iceborn gauntlet, botrk, and then get to pick just whatever defenses you need, good items: maw, sunfire, randuins, banshees, spirit visage, frozen heart.

      on top of a decent lane she is a monster in teamfights, with good damage and high amounts of cc, with triforce and botrk she can drop adcs, mages and assassins very fast without taking much damage, and then push or tp to her team and engage a 5v4 or take other objectives.

    183. KingoftheSocksMay 20, 2015

      Leo is pretty cheese imo, she's the sort of champ who only knows how to go in but struggles to get back out again, meaning that a poor timed trade or lack of warding can easily net her into trouble where she'll slowly fade as she can't get the gold for her core items. Whilst she does have the "I don't need gold" factor with her ult and cc, she's far more effective with an early gold lead.

      Leo thrives with quick skirmishes against her opponant but once she runs out of skills she quickly loses due to her not being cut out for duelling (her aa's aren't amazing)

      If she could proc her own passive she would be a pretty obnoxsious top laner and jungler but riot have stated that's why they never let her do that as she'd be too good at too many things then

    184. disisdeathwingMay 20, 2015

      ashe really doesnt have that much cc
      considering slow resistant is a thing.
      yes that ult is painfully good.
      actually, a lot of adc have at least one form of escape
      kalista vayne lucian graves trist cait etc...
      you dont pick kalista just for the escape, the damage on these guys or woman, I guess, is insane.
      the reason why ashe is good now is mostly because of the overall buff and other adc getting nerfed.
      otherwise, she doesnt really stand a chance.

    185. disisdeathwingMay 20, 2015

      tankyi is a thing.

    186. KingoftheSocksMay 20, 2015

      I've never understood this whole thing where people thing Fizz is a girl

    187. disisdeathwingMay 20, 2015

      because she sounds like one.
      dont judge me.

    188. I started maining a new jungler and wonder if he could get moved up a little bit.

      This post is about ad-malzahar in the jungle.

      With 80% cdr he was an absolute terror in urf, so i tried to deal with 40 cdr and look at the results.

      Malzahars clears are very strong (but he is bluedependant). Chilling smite is a mustbuy on him, as well as an early tear. You can use the smite quite often for ganking purposes because of your amazing clear, which enables satisfying pre 6 ganks (post 6 is not that hard anymore).

      Very strong duelist throughout the game. High sustained mixed damage. Amazing objective-taker. As the game progresses you become more of an aggressive peeler through the nature of your ult and the 3 second silence (rito please). Assassins can kill your carries only through usage of a qss. Basedamage is through the roof, even higher than cho gaths, probably highest in the game. Scales very well with farm.

      Playstyle is unique as well. Kiting your opponents (even better with black cleaver permanent boost of 10 MS because of Voidlings- not the world but nice to have) and dealing damage is such a nice feeling.

      While being mostly a champ with targeted abiltitys, ad malzahar isnt the easiest jungler out there. Voidling coordination and positioning are key, but its very managable and i would give him a 7\10 difficulty.

      Tier 3 seems very low to me, maybe its just me who gets results with him? (I dont think so...)

      Thoughts or questions would be nice to hear/read.

    189. disisdeathwingMay 20, 2015

      nasus is a very unique champion due to how he works.
      he is an anti carry that doesnt have mobility, and a splitpusher.
      so he can completely wreck your unorganised team, or split your organised one.
      vlad is extremely different, being that he is mainly a teamfight mage that sustains your damage and delivers it back.
      granted, nasus has lifesteal, but vlad's ls is so much better.
      not complaining, because giving nasus that kind of sustain...
      nasus also comes with the benefit of
      a)uber objective control via ult.
      b)map control via splitpushing
      vlad , meanwhile, damages you with ult and heal with e and q, troll pool and zhonyas to survive.
      overall, vlad's late is really nothing special, as you aren't going to one hit kill adc's, and they have lifesteal, so its really that mid game powerspike.

    190. Casper MarkMay 20, 2015

      cheese maybe, but honestly i buy dorans blade on her, and go even in trades with riven lvl 1-3, and i win lane by lvl 6. from there i can usually steamroll my lane, and get tp ganks bot or mid, which 80% of the time leads to me getting further ahead + helping out one of my carries, also you don't need to go balls deep every time, sometimes you just as easily peel for your adc or apc and wait for the right opportunity.

      also i didn't suggest her being tier 1 or even tier 2, but i feel she is strong enough to get a place on the list.

      and her passive? its not like she desperately needs it in a 1v1, but your jungler will also love to gank you lane, and as you will be building mostly tank late, you don't need to get ahead. triforce is build by a lot of smaller items so you can usually always get something, the same can be said for her other core items, there is no bf sword,or things like that.
      thou IE on her can get pretty stupid, in a fun way.. ;)

    191. disisdeathwingMay 20, 2015

      the really thing that is holding him back is what is holding back weedwick.
      no escape and gank pressure pre-6
      what that means is once youre behind, you are f-ed
      to all those who said that the only ones who can gank pre-6 is reksai or gragas.
      i welcome you to meet udyr, lee sin, sejuani, vi,even volibear and really anyone with one single cc and mobility spell.
      even a slow works(with mobi like lee, oc)
      and here is the thing.
      a good sej ult can pull your team back into the game.
      so can a good lee ult.
      vi can easily pick people of even when behind.
      and udyr, he just splitpushes, good luck killing this dude.
      i mean, voli just eats your face with that ridiculous w.
      and what do these people all have in common?
      they will screw up your adc.
      unless youre a vayne or a blue ezreal against udyr or voli.
      what is jg malzahar gonna do when behind?
      I'm interested to know, as i don't do malzahar.

    192. disisdeathwingMay 20, 2015

      people still buy dorans on top?
      how the hell do you win a trade against someone with sustain?
      cough renketon cough
      or hell garen.
      if that renekton is getting beaten, he is doing something wrong.
      compare to other turret killers, she isnt that fast.
      her teamfight and gank follow up is godlike, but that is assuming your team has a lead or your jungler ganks.
      pretty much, i do agree it is viable, somewhere ...
      that top tier list is somewhat messed up, so according to myself, t3, mid to high.

    193. disisdeathwingMay 20, 2015

      black cleaver on olaf?

    194. disisdeathwingMay 20, 2015

      voli is still good, like real good.


    195. This is bs. First off gragas jungle is not worse than amumu
      jungle especially when considering the fact that amumu jungle require blue buff
      to be efficient in the jungle. Other than that fact, gragas jungle is more
      versatile in most situations with his only real downside to amumu being the
      fact that his ult requires a bit more skill to utilize to maximum efficiency.
      Garen should not be considered a tier 2 top laner just because a slight black
      cleaver buff and a lane matchup when you note that shyvanna is considered tier
      3 (when smite top shyvanna is an unkillable hyper carry in teamfights while
      garen is useless in teamfights).

    196. Romao SabandarMay 20, 2015

      I guess just like Warwick between level 6-10 his ganks have a 90% kill potential. BUT post level 10 Mal has the same problem what Warwick has:

      Ult Cancel

      Late game you can most certainly peel, but is it enough to shred the tanks?

    197. Romao SabandarMay 20, 2015

      Always wonderd, how does Morde scale into late game?

    198. Gnar should be in Tear 1

    199. Ganks pre 6 are quite alright because of the chilling smite which lets your voidlings catch up to champions and you got ranged aas. Not comparable to Warwick. But you are a farmjungler and are good at it. You can outfarm tje enemyjungler with ease.

      Malzahar cant sh*t on your carrys in teamfights only if they are out of position. But the ult has a range of 700 for 2.5 seconds CC. You can catch people well with this skill.

      Those champions you listed are divers, not peelers. When behind you bot gold waveclear (very uncommon on junglers) and still silence and ult assassins for your carry. The advantage of the junglemalz is that while you ult, you got 2 damaging carry instead of 1adc and a selfstunned APC. Hope the answer is OK, didnt have much time.

    200. I think malzahars ult in combimation with the rest of the kit makes him one of the deadliest duelists in the game. But you arent as reliant on your ult as the apversion.
      As ad malzahar you are... A mixed sustained damagedealer with decent CC and no escape mechanisms (except running while voidlings attack but this doesnt count i guess). Every autoattack of the voidlings deals damage equal a set amount + 100% bonus ad (they geht+50% bonus ad after 7 seconds and 100% att.speed after 14 seconds) As long as you have 2 voidlings in the fight you deal massive amounts of damage. You should have a black cleaver so you shred some armor.

      From your question i can see that i didnt explain this well. You are a high damage scource for the team. Your buildpath is variable but you are in fact a third carry with excellent peelabilitys.
      And yes, he deals with the tanks, boy he does.


    Feel free to comment or leave a message :)