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Oct 3, 2011

2012 Hero Tier List - Solo Queue - Kha'Zix Patch Updated

 This isn't even my final form...

Since I ain't no Elementz sheep I've made my own tier list. Here's my tier list, and I'll be updating it regularly. +1 this page if you felt like it was helpful! :D

Tier 1: EvelynnJayce, Alistar, Shen, Zyra, Diana, Ahri, Kennen, Morgana, Malphite, Rumble, Amumu, Twisted Fate, Ezreal, Taric, Corki, Graves, Nunu, Nautilus, Dr. Mundo, Skarner, Soraka, Janna, Lee Sin, Blitzcrank, Ryze, Rengar, Vladamir, Cassiopeia, Shaco, Kassadin, Darius, Jax

Tier 2: Sona, Katarina, Karthus, Mordekaiser, Hecarim, Nidalee, Yorick, Leona, Gragas, Lulu, Sion, Wukong, Galio, Singed, Kayle, Riven, Warwick, Vayne, Maokai, Nocturne, Irelia, Anivia, Orianna, Jarvan IV, Tristana, Kog'Maw, Shyvana, Rammus, Ashe, Sivir, Draven, Miss Fortune, Caitlyn

Tier 3: Fizz, Kha'Zix, Swain, Renekton, Udyr, Talon, Annie, Brand, Fiddlesticks, Cho'gath, Xin Zhao, Viktor, Pantheon, Varus, Urgot, Gangplank, Malzahar, Xerath, Teemo, Olaf, Akali, Zilean, Ziggs, Twitch

Tier 4: Heimerdinger, Syndra, Trundle, Sejuani, Volibear, Garen, Tryndamere, Poppy, Leblanc, Nasus, Veigar, Lux, Fiora, Master Yi, Karma

  • Heroes in BOLD I will talk about shortly
  • Heroes in Italics may be over/undervalued, but aren't/haven't played enough for me to make a better judgement.
Kha'Zix Patch Updates
  • Evelynn: Her damage output is on par if not higher than most other AP casters. This along with the fact that she will almost always get the first hit off on an enemy 1v1 means that she will generally win most fights. This coupled with her ability to easily gank warded lanes makes her an absolute beast in solo queue, especially with her amazing wave clear in mind.
  • Jayce: He has no counters. He cannot be stopped. He is op. 
  • Zyra: Zyra's kit makes her an absolutely amazing counter initiator, initiator, and her damage output is no joke either. Several teams have also had decent success with her as a support hero as well, which gives you an idea of just how versatile her kit is.
  • Nunu: His kit is simply showing more and more power as both a jungler and a support. His nerfs barely touched him.
  • Rengar: Rengar's extremely strong at the moment and snowballs very hard. 
  • Katarina: Katarina always had an easy time against most AP casters mid, and now with her changes she's actually benefiting from the changes, despite original outcry.
  • Kha'Zix: Hard to say how strong he is so far. He can't build as tanky as Rengar, but his gap closers still make him a pretty decent champion. Will reserve judgement for now.
  • Varus: As more melee assassins are released with gap closers, Varus just keeps looking worse and worse.
  • Syndra: Syndra very strong, but her burst speed is a little too slow. If they target her down at the start she'll be dead very very fast. She has good potential, but they need to speed up some of her particle animations imo.
  • Nasus: Don't get me wrong, I love Nasus, but the fact is that in solo queue you'll see a lot of 20 minute surrenders. That means the game will be over before you get to smash anything hulk boy.
    • Many of you will probably question heroes in Tiers 3 and 4. While these heroes CAN do well, and in the games that they do well they'll do VERY well, they usually need a good early start to do so and an ally/enemy team comp that suits them well.
      • I personally main Tier 4 AP Yi on my smurf...SSoAPYi
    • Naturally anybody can dominate with any hero if they're good enough at that hero, but certain heroes are simply more consistent to win with, which is crucial in solo queue.
    • Late game heroes will naturally be lower on the tier list in the current snowball meta whereas heroes that can snowball quickly and have AOE abilities will be higher simply because no matter how badly your team is failing, you have the chance of simultaneously killing 5 heroes in a single burst with the right set-up.
      • The ability to solo an entire team gives a champion a very strong presence in solo queue.
    • Tanky champions that deal high burst and have good survivability and/or strong + safe damaging attacks are also ideal in solo queue where you might not be able to trust your tank line to peel.

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    1. Not bad. I tend to disagree with quite a few. Well played Irelia can turn almost any game I'd tier 1 her. Urgot tier 3, he just doesn't carry the explosive AD damage you want from your range carry. Tristana tier 2, high damage, high mobility, good snowball. Kog'maw low tier 1, his ability to chew through any target regardless of items is just too strong. Plus he brings a slow, a suicide nuke, and a long range finisher. With the Lee Sin "nerfs" he's moved a bit lower in tier 1. Akali on the other hand should be close to first. A good Akali seals the game every time.

    2. Definitely some good points you have there, I don't think Irelia is *quite* Tier 1 material at the moment though, she does snowball very well but her utility in early game team fights (at dragon) still seem to be far outclassed by other common top solos like Cho, GP, and even Talon.

    3. Why is Alistar so high up?

    4. 'cuz he's got two CCs, a super low cost/CD heal, and can tank without items.

    5. Good list you got there, however I kind of disagree with your changes after the Gunblade nerf. While yes, Akali will be a bit weaker, Teemo won't be affected by this. Teemo best builds on AS/On-Hit effects not Hybrid. However the one char this nerf will hit the most imo is Jax, as he really relies on that item. Also Kayle might be affected as well.

    6. What tier is Malzahar?

    7. Why is Soraka higher than Alistar? She has no CC. Alistar is AOE CC and can heal more times with aoe stuns.

    8. Soraka gives mana to your laning partner though, soraka cait is just pushes the lane soooo hard. Soraka + Graves is also the gayest thing ever since Graves gets nearly infinite nukes.

      Her heal armor is stupid strong too. Even if I stun someone we can't kill the AD just because she just got massive armor from the heal.

    9. About time people started realizing Ryze should be Tier 1. I think Riven should be Tier 1 too, but I'll settle for #1 in Tier 2 lol. Good job with the rest of the list, seems pretty accurate to me

    10. i really dont know why xin zhao is tier 5 jungling his ganking ability is strong he has good sustainability is a good champ to farm with and has great initiation and does tons of damage. I think the problem with xin is the people who play him ive played him since he came out and im getting as good as if not better scores than i was when he was new

    11. I don't think Xin Zhao is "bad" per say, it's just that when you pick Xin Zhao you've chosen not to pick a better jungler. Xin's also one of those heroes that needs to build attack damage to actually do damage (oh dear). Most of the stronger junglers like Lee Sin, Maokai, and Skarner don't even need to build damage to get strong and essentially build purely tanky without losing any effectiveness.

      He does snowball very hard, but I feel it's harder to carry a solo queue game with him compared to using other heroes.

    12. Ryze tier 1, I lost confidence on this list...

    13. I'm sorry you feel that way, but it's pretty widely accepted that Ryze is Tier 1 at the moment across all boards. His top lane beats almost everyone, and his mid-lane beats all the AP-countering heroes.

    14. for the most part, i agree however there are a few I really disagree witih:
      -Akali should be higher tier 2, if not tier 1. Her snowballing damage is really nice and she can clean up a teamfight that isn't going well pretty quickly, a skilled akali player can easily carry a game.
      -Renekton shouldn't be so low in tier 4, i can picture him in higher tier 3 or even tier 2, he's a great offtank, I don't play him much but I can imagine how well he can do in lane, he also scales quite good in midgame teamfights, being quite tanky and still having solid dps
      Theres a few more, but these are just my two cents, good job nonetheless

    15. Good points you make there, I've moved Akali a few places higher. I agree with you in that Renekton has a little more potential than I've placed him. However, you need a lot of experience to maximize his early-mid damage whereas heroes like Pantheon have more early killing potential for less effort involved.

    16. Of course ryze tier 1 he can hold a lane against huge burst champs like leblanc annie veigar ect. and can keep OP AP counters like Kass from getting fed. On top of that his late game build is rediculously tanky while still outputting great sustained DPS.

    17. sona tier 2? not tier 1? lol

    18. Not in solo queue, she doesn't have as much influence going into mid-game, and it's very easy to bait your team into engaging when you're trying to throw your ult for them to get away.

      She's definitely top tier for draft mode though :P

    19. Yeah this list needs to be looked at again. I see a general pattern in your tier groupings--you seem to not value champions that offer utility in place of damage. For instance, Ashe, who does less damage than the average AD carry, is at tier 5. Ashe makes up for her damage with the ability to get off many more autoattacks before the enemy is out of range.
      You also put Gragas at tier 5. While Gragas' burst is skillshot based, and therefore less reliable, his zoning ability is exceptional, and he is extremely tanky for an ap caster. Only ryze can boast to dish out as much damage while still being as tanky as he is. Gragas' and Janna's ultimate are the only real counters to aoe heavy teams. Gragas is way too valuable to have at tier 5.

    20. Gragas is actually in Tier 4, but yes this Tier list will see a few shifts in the next patch. Miss Fortune, Ashe, and Warwick will be getting some substantial promotions.

      Our favorite chubby man is way too skill/luck based to be a consistent high solo queue champ though. His margin of error is too large to pull of consistently. A good Gragas is game-changing, but a bad one is equally so.

      Unfortunately it's much easier to be a bad one than a good one.

    21. dont see why everyone puts heimerdinger so low he can push better than any champion in my opinion place turrets and slowly advancing i always take first turret with ease i take the 2nd one easy as well when i dont get ganked i know hes not T1 T2 material cause aoe skill kill both turrets at once but he shouldnt be T5

    22. wait... fizz... tier 4... i havent seen anyone beating me in mid while i play him, but let's try luck and see if riot buff him again. And pretty much the same for ashe and viktor. If someone wants to feel real pain summoner-->Sandcry

    23. If ashe truly is Tier 3, I wonder why CLG banned her at IEM...

    24. Other team has a good Ashe player, Ashe is better in 5v5 teams than in solo queue?

    25. Generally don't place new heroes until the next patch since it's hard to say when they first come out.

      So far it looks like she'll probably be somewhere near Tier 3 or 4 though.

    26. Tier 3 or 4? Solo Que Fiora can be extremely good. I'd play her in the top 3 tier 2 or even tier 1. She's not as good in premade though.

    27. If she was to be tier 1, she'd need the ability to consistently beat Irelia, Yorick, and Talon. To be Tier 1, she'd have to be able to beat Warwick, can she do that?

      Her win percentage in solo queue ranked is lower than Heimer and Kayle at the moment

    28. Thank you for keeping this updated. It is greatly appreciated

    29. very nice list thanks a lot :D

      Bur i think trynd will always be tier 1, mister critical man, endless rage etc...


    30. just wondering y vollrybear is so low

    31. He should probably be placed higher after his last set of buffs, but it's hard to say at the moment since he's rarely seen.

    32. What makes Sion good?

    33. Good laning phase, instant wave clear, reliable stun, hard to kill, and can snowball a team very quickly.

    34. This is actually a pretty good tier list! I think Gragas should be moved to Tier 2 though. He has a good laning phase, high mobility, "tons of damage", a disruption ult, and can work as a normal AP Carry or in a poke comp.

    35. Karma last..

      Thanks! :). I love people thinking she is useless, makes them extra stupid when they try kill me.

      She is an amazing counter to Fizz and Kennen and holds her own in mid V everyone else + provides huge shields, AOE heals (not nerfed in patch's like others), speed boosts/slows, MASSIVE aoe damage. Add a rylai's and you have a whole team slow + a speed up for your team using W - no one gets away.

      Also she is so tanky when you have 3 dorans you are near unkillable.... not to mention if you do get low on HP you get a free deathcap from your passive.

    36. you must be high to put malzahar that low. Easily tier 2 if played properly he is game winning and can destroy any lane. Also move down shaco to tier 3 he is nerfed badly.

    37. This list is so bad.
      So very bad.
      Let me name a few champs that you are way off on: Xerath, Gragas, Kog'Maw, Ziggs, Malz, Shaco, Twisted Fate, Anivia, Nidalee.
      All are super out of place.

    38. It sounds like you're absolutely devastated that 9 heroes are off by a tier or two on a list of almost 100 heroes.

      You'll be happy to know that this list is getting updated shortly with a large overhaul as of next patch release, but until then try and get some sleep at night :)

    39. new comments go at that end. what a broken concept?

    40. Are you saying that it's a good thing or bad thing? I feel like comments make more sense if they go in the order they're posted :P

    41. My only real complaint is that volibear is tier 4. He's definetly no tier 1 but i'd say a solid 2 or 3 at the least. Voli solo top is my favorite thing to play lately. Early game his passive will turn around any gank and stack on some cooldown reduction and bonus health and he's nearly unstoppable in top. His moveset is great for 1v1 and ganks he's got a throw a slow and his W will bite for a third their health at lvl 3. Everyone overlooks the bear

    42. Has GP always been tier 3?

    43. No, moved him down recently, didn't do a write up on him though. He's still a solid choice, but more lackluster in solo queue than before just because he's so easily countered.

    44. Why is fiddlestick so high up? It may be the fact I haven't seen a good one in too long, but the way I see it, he's lacking a lot. He's easily counter-jungled, and in lane he needs blue to be successful. His cooldowns are terribly long, his e doesn't do a whole lot of damage, he can't drain tank after level 11 or 12, and he has no team fight presence save his ultimate. I'm not trying to say you're dead wrong, just wondering you're reasoning, I may have to pick him up again

    45. The fact that you haven't seen a really good one in a long time is pretty much why he's so high up in a nutshell.

      He IS easily counter-jungled with the help of your team, but if he catches you 1v1 in his jungle, he can pretty much solo any other jungler at lower levels.

      The fact that people are too lazy to counterjungle him as a team makes him extremely powerful when he appears in games. Even with just a doran's ring, fiddle can be very effective early to mid-game both in ganks and in any teamfights that break out at dragon, which he can take very early if he successfully controls his blue.

    46. Why is fiddlesticks in tier 1?
      -He can't push a lane
      -He's too squishy
      -Not the best late game
      -Tends to get focused a lot
      -Long Ult CD
      -Ult can be stopped by cc
      -Slow Jungling

    47. Lol sorry, didn't read the comment above.
      But still, his post-jungling/late game is pretty horrible (aside from his ult)and he's so squishy that he can be easily bursted down by akali or leblanc

    48. Why is fizz not higher? very viable is higher elo and just dominates against squishy mids.

    49. Fizz can be very good, but he has no poke, which makes him a little less consistent in solo queue. Tier 3 champs are still very strong, and you shouldn't turn away from heroes just because they're lower tier if you're good at them.

      Solo queue is just a game of consistency, and higher tier heroes do well against a larger variety of champions and team compositions.

    50. Why isnt cass higher in t1? She destroys nearly every mid, and has an awesome ulti for teamfights..

    51. Mostly because of skill cap issues. A tier list for tournament play would naturally look much different.

    52. Any chance of that being posted in a near future?

    53. I don't want to post something just for the sake of posting it, and honestly when it comes to tournament play (ranked 5s) it really depends on your team's play style and who they're best at.

    54. Okay thankyou, i lreally like the list but yeah, i play fizz alot (not that im high elo) but he is very good

    55. Vayne's very good late game, but her early game suffers unless you can get some kills. She's still one of the strong late game solo queue carries, but loses out a lot in low to mid solo queue just because of how fast a team can snowball from dragon after killing the ad carry once.


    57. hey guys just wondering what is a good counter against gp

    58. This is a fucking terrible tier list.

      MF, Morde and Fiddlesticks in tier 1?
      Ashe highest tier AD carry?
      Possibility in Team Draft but not in solo Q.

      Bad bad tier list.

    59. Poppy demolishes GP very hard, so does Yorick.

      I'm sorry that you're so good at this game that you disagree enough to post "toco123", maybe you'll enlighten us with your amazing tier list. Thanks in advance!

    60. How about I be a little bit more constructive.

      You have all the counterpicks and situational picks way too high.

      For example, you have Malphite higher than Udyr and Nocturne despite Malphite being a situational counterpick.

      The ranking of the AD Carries are completely mixed up.

      You are following leagueofstats which has so many variables, it's not accurate enough for a tier list.

      The way most soloque tier lists are made is which characters will raise your ladder rating quickest.

      Also, you have to assume that the person playing the character is skilled at the character, and that the enemy is equally skilled with theirs. This is why we expect to see Cassiopia and Lee Sin in Tier 1 as they dominate their lane despite their skillcap.

      Your list lacks structure, organize it to something similar like:

      Tier 1 champions should be able to first pick their champion and still win their lane.
      Tier 2 champions should be able to first pick their champion and still maintain their lane.
      Tier 3 champions should be counterpicks.
      Tier 4 champions are situational picks.
      Tier 5 are broken or completely outclassed.

    61. Actually, I didn't look at leagueofstats when I made this list. Malphite is very powerful regardless, and counters the majority of both top and mid heroes. He also has a safe jungle and good initiation.

      This tier list is ordered as such:

      Tier 1: If you do well you'll win, whether or not your team feeds

      Tier 2: If your team feeds you might lose unless you snowball hard

      Tier 3: Even if you snowball hard, you might still lose if your team feeds

      Tier 4: You can do VERY well and still lose the game whether or not your team feeds

      Tier 5: You can go godlike and still lose the game if you die a single time

      This tier list is for people who think they're lower than they should be in ELO and are looking for specific heroes they can use to carry themselves higher.

      AD Carries are more subjective since they all have immense power late game. Ashe is absolutely inescapable, Kog'maw is unreachable, and Graves is unstopppable. Miss Fortune's early game is unparalleled. This is why they're Tier 1.

    62. That structure makes no sense, that means that all support should be tier 5, and that champions that scale well into late game are tier 1.

      Uhhh I give up, look at Stonewall, he's only 1400 ELO, but has enough knowledge and structures his tier list extremely well.

      Obviously its hard to get a tier list 100% right but this is blatantly all over the place, and the statements backing up your points are silly.

      For example, when you mention that Mundo is tier 1, which he rightly should be, you state:
      "His late game isn't as good as Shyvana's since he can be ignited"
      When realistically the reason is simple that Shyvana's transition from the jungle is better because when it comes to teamfighting, her AOE damage is better.

    63. Fiddlesticks
      "but if he catches you 1v1 in his jungle, he can pretty much solo any other jungler at lower levels."
      >>His matchups are poor. He is food for most junglers.

      "more lackluster in solo queue than before just because he's so easily countered."
      Gangplank... Easily countered?? You have to be fucking trolling.

      "A good Gragas is game-changing, but a bad one is equally so. "
      Lets put every champion in Tier 4 so?
      Gragas has huge sustain, a lot of high damage poke, tanky and ultimate is one of the few things to counter AOE comps.

    64. Just seen you have nidalee in tier 3, and I have given up. You literally must be autistic if you think this tier list is any good.

    65. I can't wait for the "toco123" tier list, I'll hold my breath excitedly until it's released.

    66. http://twistedfate.org/wordpress/?cat=14


    67. Wow you're so good at placing heroes in tiers, I'm absolutely amazed at your abilities. Thank you so much for your insights! With your in-depth descriptions of each hero I'm absolutely mind-blown and my entire perception of the game has been changed. Thank you.

      Maybe I should disable comments like you did so nobody can disagree with me :)

    68. Stonewall008 is not 1400 elo. His Season 2 ELO is 1400, but S1 he hit over 1700. He's also in the platinum normal elo bracket.

    69. You make some decent points toco, but honestly after your first sentence

      "This is a fucking terrible tier list."

      followed by

      "You literally must be autistic if you think this tier list is any good."

      I'm extremely reluctant to respect you even if you turned out to be 2500 ELO and named Dyrus.

      Thanks for your critique, but I'd prefer if take yourself elsewhere, thanks.

    70. The site was inactive, in January it made 300€ from doing nothing, but in February I was too lazy to update it so I disabled commenting.

    71. Interesting, was that mostly from ads or amazon associates?

    72. Amazon associates, it takes 3 months to receive the cheque, so it does take a good bit of time. Also, I appreciate your tier list, but I just think you need either someone who is a reasonable elo in solo que (theres loads of 1800-2000 elo gamers with spare time), or you need to analyse in-depth every character so you can provide an accurate list. For example Brand and Xerath are similar,but Xerath is easier to combo with and has a longer range and therefore is the better AP carry.

      I was being a bit harsh as I didn't realise the site was yours, as the rest of the site is quite good, but this is lacklustre, and to be honest, I wish there was an accurate tier list available as Element is MIA.

    73. yeah you would shutup toco123 you loser

    74. Why is Lux so low? She has fair damage and I rock mid with her really well, my only real issue is she's kinda squishy but I don't think that constitutes t4...just curious is all (:

    75. @Turquoise It's really just a consistency issue along with the skill vs reward ratio. If you're good with her she's indeed a very strong hero with lots of utility and power.

      However, you have to make sure to pull through in the moments where it counts! Since she's purely skillshot-based, she can be very hit-or-miss in high pressure situations.

    76. Is there any update for the varius patch?

    77. Not yet, there were a lot of changes in the Spectator Mode patch, still observing the effects before moving things around. Next update will be after Varus patch :)

    78. why does everyone hate garen, when I solo top i dominate 90% of games

    79. That's not the kind of garen that i'd hate lol..
      Garen is okay, pretty strong

    80. Is Shaco still viable in ranked after all his nerfs. I would like to play him as a main but I dont want to waste my time if he sucks

    81. Yes he is, most annoying ganker in the game. He's not as good against an enemy team with mass escape mechanisms though since he has no hard cc.

    82. I think this list is The most accurate by far. But I feel a few characters have been very badly misplaced. Yorick is obviously the most unbeatable top laner in the game his abilities are stupidly damaging and if you under farm against a good Yorick you can consider the game lost. Just as good as we and shen. Also Renekton can tear through every lane easily and has fucking amazing sustain with good items combined with his Q. Also he can carry games as well as shit on top lane, so he is definitely as worthy as ww. Gangplank is retarded solo top as well, he can carry entire games if he is fed 3 kills between level 6 and just decimates his lane. But otherwise this list is very accurate :)

    83. Yorick and Renekton can probably be placed higher on the tier list as of late, I feel like Renekton falls off harder than a lot of other top laners, but his mid-game is absolutely incredible, even if it's a little underfarmed.

      Gangplank's a little underwhelming at the moment since he pretty much goes feeder status if you match him up against a Poppy, Pantheon, Yorick, Kayle, or a bunch of other possibilities.

    84. Alistar's due for a move up as well, will do a couple shifts after the next patch.

    85. Again great list, but once you've updated for darius:
      Shyvana is the best jungler in the game, severely tanky and as we have seen M5 do in the past couple of months, just DOMINATES. Definitely tier 1.
      Nocturne is the second best jungler in the game, ridiculously faster clears than shaco, lee and mundo.
      And Kassadin, is just ridiculous, he rapes every mid other than maybe swain and galio. Plus he was banned almost every game in the iem.

    86. Yo good list, though i would move kayle downa alittle, still tier 2 but the problem is that she needs soooo much farm, and she cant bott lane because of all of her splash damage. so its either top or jungle, and she's mor eof a counter pick, and her jungle is decent. Also, vayne is completely too high in my opinion, not saying she cant wrecka a team,, but.... the problem is that she takes wayyy too much skill to perform as well as say ash. she's short range and squishy, doesnt have smooth laning or a smooth team fight, i really think she's overrated. oracles smashes her, and a lot of common picks can destroy her really fast, like jax and some other tops. but those are just opinions!

    87. I think Kayle is still very strong, 1v1 in solo queue she's pretty unstoppable. She does remove a tanky front line champ from your team though, which limits what the rest of your team can play.

      I agree that Vayne might not be quite as strong as I've placed her at the moment, but whenever I think about moving her down, someone proves me wrong. She's still extremely strong, but requires very good positioning.

      You make some very good points though! :)

    88. I love this website. It's my home page haha. Keep up the good work :)

    89. Evelynn deserves Tier 2+

    90. Veigar, Sona and Olaf are all too low :o

    91. all and all really reliable list.
      i still find that senjuani is a really underated jungle champ with really strong cc when played correctly that is .

    92. Wow, is this 1200 elo list? No, no way, if so Kata should be godlike tier. So tell me what elo does this list match?
      Eve is absolute top of tier 1 atm. She is not even great, she is truly OP. New Katarina snowballs so damn hard that with a very little help from jungler she stomps even 2k elo games - thats how I got my diamond. Rengar, new op, banned/picked in every 1800+ game, tanky dps burst assassin with stealth and sustain, tier 4? Veigar and Lux tier 4?

      Just tell me WHAT elo/ladder this tier list is related to.

    93. That's probably my cue to update the list. It hasn't been changed since pre diana nerfs, eve fotm, and rengar changes.

    94. I personally think Riven should be tier 1, she can dominate in team fights and is a great farmer.

    95. Poppy is an insane champ that is just underused. Putting her in tier 4 is a joke.


    Feel free to comment or leave a message :)